The Ladies

I’ve been blogging for years, not so long on WordPress though, so I have links for the posts I’ve written here and on Blogger.  If you’re looking for the posts about Ann St. Vincent, she has her own page you can get through the drop down menu for The Ladies above, or here.

**The dates listed by the names are when I actually spent time with the woman.  I started blogging in 2009, so many of the posts were written out of order, far after they took place.**

Jane (2015) – A FWB I picked up online but quickly dropped the benefits when she met her current boyfriend.  Tons of fun though, especially in the bedroom.  We’ve stayed close friends.

Stephanie (2015) – A mostly unremarkable relationship that gradually fizzled out over time.  More my fault than hers.  A sweet girl, successful, but we’re better off as friends.

Endings and Endings

Sucky Week

I Can Be an Asshole Sometimes


Vivian (2014) – An amazing woman I met on my trip to Australia.  I went down under to visit Sharn, Vivian is her roommate and we ended up spending most of the trip together.  Plenty of posts from that trip on their own page, Vivian.

Beverly (2014) – Haven’t written about her yet, dated for a short while.

S (2014) – Not much to write about her.

Shelby (2014) – FWB, not fantastic but she had her moments.

(2014) – Haven’t written about her yet, an unintended one night stand.

Charlotte (2014) – Amusing woman, terrible writer.  Never slept with her but she sparked an amusing series of posts on blogger.

Follow up to the Follow up to the Awkward Story

Follow up to the Awkward Story

A Funny Awkward Story

Ann (2014) – Ann St. Vincent has her own page. You can see it here.

Christine – (2013) One night stand I picked up on OkC.

Why I’m not a slut… anymore

Kelly – (2011) Chick I dated for a couple weeks after my divorce.  She was crazy.

Inconsiderate Bedfellows


A little growing up, a lot of back story

Cat (2001-2011) – I was married to Cat for close to ten years, the last two of which was an open relationship.  We divorced in 2011.  We have a daughter together, but she lives with Cat and her new Husband far, far away.  Cat’s a pretty amazing lady, we’ve managed to remain friends even through the divorce.  I’ve written about her a lot, here are a few of my favorites.  From newest to oldest.

Cat and too much History

The Open Marriage – Cat 3

The Open Marriage – Cat 2

The Open Marriage – Cat 1

My Past Fucks Me Up

Why Polyamory fascinates me


Cat’s Cradle

Coming Home

Pre-Turkey Day

Married Me

Twofer Tuesday pt 1

Jenn (2008-2010) – Big breasted, sometimes-lesbian, on-again off-again FWB that wanted a little more commitment than I could give.  We had a lot of fun together before she moved back home and got engaged to a woman.  From newest to oldest on Blogger:

Long Lost Jen

The Steam Room (funny)

Broken Streak

Why Women Don’t Make Sense

Twofer Tuesday pt 2

Twofer Tuesday pt 1

Journey Through Jenn (erotic)

Nikky – (2008-2010) A married woman I fooled around with during my open marriage.  She was very open minded and sexual, a lot of fun.  We eventually got busted when her husband found some incriminating pics of us in her email.  Oldest to newest, Blogger:

Boredom A Withdrawal Symptom (Nikky-gate)

Morning After pt 3 (busted with pics)

Rejoining Jenn pt 2 (a morning BJ and pics)

Separation Anxiety (an HJ and giving her marriage advice)

She Makes Me Feel Like a Whore

Duality of Being

My Special Day (Birthday plans blow up in my face)

Friday Follow up

Two twos for Thursday (two chicks in a day)

Blowjobs and pics

Endlessly Rotating Wheel

MC – (2008) “Miss Cat”.  One of the chicks I dated for a while during the open marriage.  Blogger:

BJ Vampire

BJ Vampire pt 2 

Gail – (2003) A High Schooler I picked up while while Cat was living with another dude.  A very strange relationship.  Blogger:


Brandy – (2001-2002) Kind of a fuck buddy I saw a couple times, much to my own shame.

An Apology to my Dick

Sarah – (2001) One of my few one night stands.  It didn’t go well.

Worst Sex Ever

Anne  – (1999-2000-not to be confused with Ann St. Vincent)  My first big relationship, between High School and college – Blogger

Anne pt 1

Anne pt 2

Kaily – (1999) Lost my virginity to her.  Blogger:

Kaily – My First Time

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