Artwork from 2014, oldest to newest.  For 2015 click on Next.

cougar hunting

Cougar Hunting

Julie fucks

Julie fucks

Julie Fucks Me

Marriage - procreation

Marriage is for Procreation

single - divorced  Happy Healthy

Happy, Healthy and Unattached

man and woman texting

A Funny Conversation

OKC lady

Crazy OkCupid Lady

Hate Facebook

Hate Facebook

Car music2

Car Music

Christian mingle

Christian Mingle

teenage fuzzy id s

Julie Update

sex ed2

sex ed 3.1

The Birds and the Bees pt 1

Birds and Bees pt 1.1  Birds and bees pt 2

my sex ed

The Birds and the Bees pt 2

johnny and ann sm

teenage fuzzy Ann s

Ann pt 1

  long comiclong comic 3 long comic 2long comic 4


(full comic, click for full size)

Ann pt 2

three options sex sm

Ann pt 3

69 calories sm

Ann pt 4

letters s

RIP bed sm

The Letters We Left Behind

Cant finish s

That Awkward Moment – Sex

flowers and shit s

bad ass s  bad ass 2 s

One Track Blog

camping s

Rape kit

brown beard s  two minutes s

Addressing the 2-Minute Man Theory

duck sex s  duck sex 3 s

The Sex Wars of Ducks

horny smiley  horny smiley 5 horny smiley 7 horny smiley 3 horny smiley 2 horny smiley 4 horny smiley 6 horny smiley 10 horny smiley 11 horny smiley 9 horny smiley 8 horny smiley 12 horny smiley 13 horny smiley 14

Emoticon Cyber Sex

worst sex 2 s

Worst Sex Ever

apologies penis s

An Apology to my Dick

Sex Advice s

Sex Advice

drunk johnny s

Friday the 13th

compartmentalized s

A Private Conversation

monogamy s

A Closed Relationship

pre-date s

Pre-Date… Dun Dun Dun

date s

The Date… Dun Dun Dun

possession s sex love s Family Tree s zen happy s

A Truly Loving Relationship

On writing s

On Writing

body image s body image 2 s

Body Image

date night s

Video Chat

man slut s

Why I’m not a slut… anymore

meditation s

Conscious Celibacy

my dog s

Cock blocked by my dog

nice guys s

Nice Guys Finish Last

poet s


mormon s

Door to Door Salesmen

IheartAnn s

21 Days

ying yang s

Life, Stress, and Love

US piggy bank s

Show Me the Money!

boogie penis s

Strange Sex Scene

Rapist s

The Art of Seduction pt 4

search terms s

Search Terms pt 1

search terms 2 s

Search Terms pt 2

about sex s

A Little Bit about Sex

a man s

A Father’s Wisdom pt 1

parents s

A Father’s Wisdom pt 2

distrustful rock s

Up at dumbass-late

AOS pt 5 s

The Art of Seduction pt 5

water ice s water bottles s

A Physics Lesson

mile high s

Mile High-ish

visiting ann 1

Visiting Ann

bacon heart s

Visiting Ann: Bacon and Fudge

visiting ann 5

Visiting Ann: Legos and a Quickie

visiting ann 2

Visiting Ann: some sex stories

failed threesome s

Visiting Ann: the kind-of Threesome

visiting ann 4 s

Visiting Ann: Mindfulness

car sex s

Visiting Ann: 2-0, Jacuzzi pt 1

unfuck bed s

Visiting Ann: 2-0, Jacuzzi pt 2

cock block s

Visiting Ann: a cock block and a party pt 1

katharine s

Visiting Ann: a cock block and a party pt 3

flowers s chocolate s hugs and kisses s

Long Distance Support

ironman s

Visiting Ann: The ex and more sex

romance s

Romance and Media

cat sex s

The Open Marriage – Cat 1

cat 3 s

The Open Marriage – Cat 2

cat s

The Open Marriage – Cat 3

collage s

Cat and too much History

er visit s

Sex Injuries

i hate mondays s

I Hate Mondays

plumber s

Little Victories

Continue on to more recent artwork, 2015.

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