The Art of Seduction pt 5

Alright, so you’ve sent the girl of your dreams a photo of your cock (The Art of Seduction pt 1).  You’ve sent her an amazing first email (The Art of Seduction pt 2).   You’ve gotten dressed and ready for your first date (The Art of Seduction pt 3).  You’ve chosen the location for your first date (The Art of Seduction pt 4).

So, you’ve gotten ready and are headed to your first date.  Don’t forget your wallet!  This will be important later.

Before you leave the house, review your date’s online profile.  Take notes on the highlights, interests, dislikes, and any quirks.  That will help keep you from getting her mixed up with all the other women on dating sites that you’ve been chatting with.  You definitely don’t want to get BDSMon.myA$$666 confused with PeaceLoveandHarmony03.  Take down the notes on small, discrete cards that are easily concealed. Continue reading

Critical Thinking

There were a couple things that I learned in High School that really stuck with me.  Actually, there were surprisingly few things.  One of the things that has made a big difference was learning the ability to think critically.

There were two teachers that played a large role in learning critical thinking.

One was a really hard core English teacher that pushed us hard.  And when I say hard, I mean she was prepping us for college by teaching us like we were already there.  She expected college level work from us and didn’t cut any slack, ever.  That might sound kind of harsh, but if the bar is set low you don’t have to push yourself to match expectations.  When the expectations are really, really high than you have to really work to meet them.  And she was vicious when we were editing, vicious.  She really made us break down the piece, figure out what was working, what needed to be improved, and what should be cut.  I learned more from her than any other English teacher (including my actual college-level instructors). Continue reading

A little bit about sex pt 2

I hadn’t planned on writing a part two but a couple readers seemed interesting in reading more, and one of them posed some interesting questions.  So, I decided to write some more and see where it went.

In the last post I talked about some of the physical and mental aspects of sex, but what about everything that leads up to the actual act?  What are turn ons?  What are ways to seduce your spouse/partner (you should always be trying to seduce your partner)?  How do you make them feel special?

I haven’t consciously thought about those things in a while, they’re things that we just do, not necessarily things that we put much thought into.  Or, at least, I don’t.  Most of this post will be pretty subjective, every person is different.

To me, one of the most important parts of a healthy sex life is making your partner feel appreciated.  It’s such a simple, small thing, but it has a huge impact on having a happy, healthy relationship.  A happy, healthy relationship is key to having a happy, healthy sex life.  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, or vice versa, if you know what I’ll mean. Continue reading

Father’s Wisdom pt 2

I used to seriously wonder if I was adopted.

When I was IQ tested at a young age my mother refused to tell me the score.  The only reason I asked about it, personally I didn’t much care, was because one of my close friends at the time used to run around declaring he was a genius because he had an IQ of 145.  My mom said I was in the top percentiles with him but the actual number wasn’t important.  I’m not sure if she did that to protect my ego or his.

I’m a fairly intellectual guy (and egotistical), excellent at problem solving and logic, and no one else in my family is in the same intellectual categories as me.  I’m the first college graduate and by far the most successful of anyone in my family.  I remember when I was a teenager looking at my parents and feeling kind of ashamed by their lack of success and drive… and wondering where the hell my brains came from because obviously my parents weren’t that smart.

It took many years and far more life experience before I learned to appreciate the type of intelligence my parents have. Continue reading

Father’s Wisdom pt 1

This blog is sometimes paints a fairly one-sided portrait of me.  You see, writing tends to show my softer, thoughtful, more introspective side.  My more manly side doesn’t come through very often because of the topics I generally talk about here, emotions, sex, relationships, thinking, joking, etc.  But I am definitely no metrosexual, or even much of an intellectual, I literally grew up in the woods and was named after a Mountain Man that my Dad idolized.  I did write one previous post on Manly Attributes on blogger, which lays out some of my views.

So, I thought today I would spend a little time talking about my perspective on manhood.  These come almost directly from my Dad, who’s wisdom on the topic I appreciate more and more as the years go by.  Some of this might come across as sexist, or even cheesy and old fashioned, but PC or not here we go:

a man s Continue reading

A little bit about sex

This post is a lot about me and my views on sex.  I’m not writing any of this to try and build myself up or put anyone down, I’m just trying to give another perspective and/or get people (mostly guys) thinking about how they approach sex.

I read a post a little earlier about a woman’s frustration over inadequate male sexual performance.  She said that most of the time the man cums and the sex is over, no matter how close (or far) the woman is from orgasm, rolls over and falls asleep.  This is not an uncommon situation based on many of the posts I’ve read.

The problem tends to be that many men place all the importance of sex on the orgasm (to a lesser degree on her having one as well, it’s an ego boost).  Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am.  To a degree, in certain circumstances, I can understand this.  If you’ve been in a long term relationship for a while, busy lives, stressed, work too much, maybe throw in a couple kids, and only have limited time and energy for sex, I can see focusing on the orgasm a bit (even still, it should be mutual).  Sometimes, quickies are a lot of fun too.  Git-er-done, as  Larry the cable guy would say. Continue reading

The Art of Seduction pt 4

Alright, so you’ve sent the girl of your dreams a photo of your cock (The Art of Seduction pt 1).  You’ve sent her an amazing first email (The Art of Seduction pt 2).   You’ve gotten dressed and ready for your first date (The Art of Seduction pt 3).

Now it’s time to pick a location.  There are a couple good reasons that you should choose the location instead of letting your date.

First, it’s always better to choose a place closer to where she lives.  That way if things go really well the two of you end up at her place because it’s closer.  Her place is better because you really don’t want her to see the pile of “happy socks” by your bed, the toilet that hasn’t been scrubbed in years, the pile of pizza boxes by the door, the overflowing recycle bin full of beer bottles, and the dishes that are growing rare strains of bacteria in your sink.  Those kinds of things will definitely kill the mood.

Secondly, chicks like it when you show initiative.  By picking the location she thinks you’re a little more assertive, more driven, and opinionated than you actually are.  If you tell your date that you don’t care where you go she will probably think that you’re a lazy, slacking, un-opinionated loser… unless you’re suave like me and say something like “No, babe.  I don’t care where we go as long as I get to spend that time with you.”  Shit like that makes chicks wet.

Ok, so it’s a good idea for you to pick the location, but how do you chose? Continue reading

Naked Thursday #14

For all of you noobs, you can read the explanation and previous posts on the Naked Thursday page.  (Thank you to Pornclerk Chronicles for this week’s topic)

There are some things that are wonderful on Naked Thursdays, other things not so much.

naked bacon s


One of the things you might want to avoid on Naked Thursday is cooking bacon.

I know, I know, bacon is the fifth food group, it’s the best fucking food on the planet, etc.  I know all that… but if you absolutely have to make those candied bacon strips, or bacon-wrapped deep fried hot dogs, or chicken-fried bacon, or bacon ice cream… you get the idea, bacon is fucking fantastic with everything… you might want to cook it up on Wednesday.

Damn, writing this is making me hungry for bacon.  Hmmm… bacon. Continue reading

Poetry Feedback – #3

I’ve had another brave writer step up to the plate and submit a poem for review.  This is going to be short and sweet… because the poem is short and sweet.  It’s a haiku, one of the most well known forms of poetry (second only to grade-school limericks, in my opinion).  It’s also one of the most difficult forms of poetry.

One of my English teachers had an interesting perspective that sticks with me to this day.  She said that the fewer the words a piece of writing has, the more important those words become.

If you’re writing a novel you have thousands and thousands of words to make the reader feel something and tell a story.  A few sloppy words or phrases here and there don’t matter too much to the piece overall.

A short story does the same as a novel but with far fewer words.  It has slightly less slack than a novel because there’s less to work with.

A poem makes a reader feel something, or paints a picture, or tells a story, but has very few words.

And a haiku… Well, I think you get where I’m going with this.  Every word has monumental importance because they make up a far larger portion of the piece.  Rather than 1 in 100,000 words (like a novel), or 1 in 10,000 (like a short story), or even 1 in a 100 (like a poem), a haiku is… What, 1 in 10?

That’s a lot of weight to put on so few words.

Now that I’ve totally psyched out the writer, on to the haiku review!  (That rhymes, I laughed.) Continue reading

Poems update

I have two more poems that were submitted by some friendly writers and am currently working on their feedback.  Unfortunately, I have a lot of stuff coming up with work for the next few weeks and I’m going to be really busy.  I’ll get to the two poems that were submitted as I have time but I’m going to have to hold off on anything new for a while.  To be honest, it takes a lot of time and energy to go through the poems with the detail they deserve and I don’t want to short change anyone by doing a half-ass review.

Thanks again to the writers who’ve submitted, hopefully everyone has enjoyed this process and maybe picked up a few ideas.  I’ve been having a lot of fun with it, flexing some of the brain cells that haven’t been worked in a while.  Judging from the responses I’ve seen, some readers have been really interested in this kind of feedback and once work calms down I will be more than happy to open up the process to more writers.