Quick note

So, I’m still alive.  It’s been a crazy few years since I’ve posted anything here and the hits just keep on coming.  I’ve been writing but not blogging.  Sometimes I miss the confessional that this site used to be – it was fun and therapeutic at the same time.  I’d post my innermost thoughts, whatever feelings I was working through, silly stories, or I’d amuse myself by trying to come up with something funny.

But all good things come to an end.  Basically, this shit’s too public – or I’m too much of a paranoid, take your pick.  Because this was ‘therapy’ for me I didn’t pull any punches – or at least not very many, which means there were things here that could hurt people I care about (if they ever found out about it).  Details were changed, names and locations, but I think we all know how small the world has become – or rather how interconnected it has become.  So, I couldn’t keep posting, at least not with the honesty that made this blog so important to me.  It’s not therapy if you can’t talk about the shit that hurts, the things that make your skin crawl or keep you up at night.  And if I can’t keep posting, what’s the point of having this site up?  So, I pulled the old posts and I’m putting up this note.

In a week or two, or whenever I get around to it, I’ll delete this site, but I needed to eulogize first.  Alas, poor Id’s Red Book.  I also wanted to let loyal readers (however many are still around) know what was going on.

I hope you’re all having a good Memorial Day weekend.  See you on the flip side.