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teenage fuzzy Ann s

Ann – (2014) is Ann St. Vincent.  We met through blogging.  We weren’t sure if the relationship would work out in person so we used pseudonyms for each other in our posts until we met.  I wrote about her as “Julie” and revealed the connection in the “Ann” posts after we spent a vacation together.  From oldest to newest:

Julie – Ann before we met in person

Phone Sex

Long Distance Friends With Benefits

A Funny Conversation

Julie Fucks Me

Julie Update


Vacation with Ann – Meeting for the first time

Ann pt 1

Ann pt 2

Ann pt 3

Ann pt 4

The Letters We Left Behind

That Awkward Moment – Sex



Friday the 13th


Changing the relationship status

A Private Conversation

A Closed Relationship

Pre-Date… dun dun dun

The Date… dun dun dun


Before the August trip

A Truly Loving Relationship

Video Chat

I Love You

What is love really? Uneven pt 1

Old Wounds Breed the Deepest Demons.  Uneven pt 2

Learning and healing – Uneven pt 3

21 Days

Life, stess, and love

Yes, that’s my ass

Results – Tits vs. Ass


August trip to visit Ann

Hard Flight

Visitng Ann: Big Red

Visiting Ann

Visiting Ann: Sex Toys

Visiting Ann: Bacon and Fudge

Visiting Ann: Legos and a Quickie

Visiting Ann: some sex stories

Visiting Ann: the kind-of threesome

Visiting Ann: Mindfulness

Visiting Ann: 2-0, Jacuzzi pt 1

Visiting Ann: 2-0, Jacuzzi pt 2

Visiting Ann: a cock block and a party pt 1 

Visiting Ann: a cock block and a party pt 2

Visiting Ann: a cock block and a party pt 3

Visiting Ann: The ex and more sex

Visiting Ann: Leaving my love


After the trip:

Stick with me, babe

Long Distance Support

Sex Injuries

Post Visiting Ann: The Relationship Talk


The Change:

Rough Few Days

Retroactive Conversion

Words and Dreams

#TeamAJ – Just Friends

Shortly after that last post I told her I couldn’t be friends with her, at least not right then.  It was doing bad things to me and I needed to sort myself out before friendship might be possible.  I haven’t written much about that, we were both really raw and I didn’t want to make it worse.  We’ve chatted a few times since then and have been cordial.

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