When it rains… pt 1

So, I’m not entirely sure how it happened but in a few short weeks my life went from simple, easy, and predictable to something very different.

I’m really tempted at this point to copy and paste some of the text conversations to illustrate what’s going on… but I’m not sure anyone would believe me.  Without understanding the backstory and the ladies involved, I wouldn’t believe it either.

Let’s rewind a few weeks and lay it all out in order.

A few weeks ago, Stephanie came to visit.

Background on Stephanie: We dated last year for a while but I couldn’t handle it for a variety of reasons and broke it off.  She’s very inexperienced in the whole relationship realm.  She’s a really sweet girl, king of fragile, so I was really careful with her during the break up and we managed to stay friends afterwards.  She moved a few states away last year but has been back several times since.  She’s still single.  (A list of related posts can be found on the Ladies page.)

Me and her, we text all the time.  We became best friends after the break up.

This visit, she asked to stay with me since she’d gotten rid of her place and just had a few things to take care of locally.  I don’t really like having people in my space but she’s my friend, and she’s pretty easy going, so I figured I could handle it for a week.

Yeah… I’m not sure how to say it without coming off weird, but I’m really good at sleeping with women.  By which, I mean I’m bad at not sleeping with them.  We didn’t even make it a whole night.

Now, to be honest, Stephanie is about the worst possible candidate for a friends with benefits situation.  She’s too… innocent?  Naive?  It’s hard to describe, but she just isn’t as calloused as the rest of us.  She’s softer.  But it had been a year since we broke up and we had a lot of conversations about it while she was here, I thought we were at least close to the same page with the FWBs thing.

My thoughts on the whole thing were as follows; we’re friends, we’re both adults, both single, we’re both lonely, we can have a nice time together while she’s here.  Simple, right?  While I knew Stephanie was a bad candidate for FWB, I was happy to overlook that and have some fun (I’ve had a crappy couple months, after all).  She seemed fine with the idea and was more than happy to get naked.

We were really honest, we communicated well, and we had a good time.  It was a good week in general.

Yeah, but now that she’s back to her home I’m not sure she was listening at all while she was here.  Or maybe the words just meant totally different things to her, I’m not sure.  She’s texting me all this lovey dovey stuff all the time, it totally changed how she viewed “us”.

So… I might have royally fucked up things with my closest friend.

And that’s not the end of the story, that’s just part 1.

3 thoughts on “When it rains… pt 1

  1. If she really is a friend, and I bet she is, she will remain your friend and will now understand what FWB means…Give her time and she will be back in your life as friends if she hasn’t yet. When it’s communicated FWB I understand…Yet, there was one guy who I had the exact same relationship as you and Steph…As women, I think we kind of always HOPE the guys we like will like us the same, so will put the idea out there and then we are sad (for a couple days) when it doesn’t work out…but then we get over it and realize how cool you are and it’s better to be friends than lose a good friend =)

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