Just a quick note to say…

This has been a horrible, shitty, no good, very bad, terrible week.  The worst week I’ve had in a long time.  I feel like I’m falling apart.

My dog died.


It was very sudden and totally unexpected… and completely devastating.  Super Dog has been the most important part of my day to day life since I adopted her from the Humane Society.  Best dog ever, I couldn’t have asked for a better girl.  She was there for me all day, every day, with a wag in her tail and a smile on her face for the last three years.  It’s barely been two days and I can’t even put into words what it feels like that she isn’t here anymore.

I’m going to write a long memorial post for her probably later this week.  I write, that’s how I process and remember the big stuff.  I wouldn’t blame you if you weren’t up for reading it, I imagine I’ll be sobbing the whole time I’m writing it, but it’s going to happen.

R.I.P. Super Dog


16 thoughts on “Just a quick note to say…

  1. I am so very sorry. We lost our pup 3 years ago and it still stings. I’m so sorry for your loss. 😦

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. My mom had to put her dog down last week and it was so difficult and even I’M feeling emotional over it. They are so special, our pets – they’re more than “pets” – they’re family. The best kind – the family that loves you no matter what, never asks you WTF you were thinking, or berates you for your weaknesses. I’m so sorry. 😦

      • That observation that dog is “god” spelled backwards isn’t an accident.
        While she “says” she’s at peace with it, I know Zeke took a big part of my mom with him. Again, thoughts and prayers for your healing.

  3. I feel for you
    Ours died 1 year and 5 weeks ago and it still feels like yesterday
    We do have another now, she’s been with us 3 months and she finally feels like part of the family

  4. Since I only have furry kids, they mean the universe to me and my life would definitely not be complete without them in my life…so sorry for your loss and it sounds like she was lucky to have u as a Daddy…may the happy memories of her comfort u during this difficult time

  5. Ugh, that’s terrible news. Anyone that truly loves their pet knows it’s like losing a family member. Actuallt, it IS losing a family member. I’d be devastated if one of my dogs died.

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