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Okay, I couldn’t help myself.  That shouldn’t surprise all of you.  I replied to the weird email that I talked about in the previous post.  The message was just too off the wall, I needed to know more.  Turns out the story gets even stranger.

In the first email, dude basically offers me the use of his nympho sub for the summer.  Yeah.   There was nothing about the message that interested me at all, rather the attitude the dude had was really bothersome, which is what the last post was about.

But I couldn’t just leave it there,  I wrote back a quick, two line message.  Basically a “tell me more”.  I didn’t really want to engage with him but I was curious about him and the situation.  Call me an amateur sociologist.

We’re going with Bob and Sierra for names, for now.  According to him, long term “FWB” with a big kinky streak.

This was his response (edited for anonymity):

“Sierra is my sub, she calls me her Master.  She’s early 40’s, (irrelevant details).  I’m early 50’s, (irrelevant details).  She’s into all kinds of kink, especially playing with multiple guys.  We’re DDF and tested often.  We are hoping to share her while you’re in the area as long as you’re discrete and can host.  You sounded like someone who would appreciate the opportunity.”

Alright, on the surface there are some oddities but there were a couple details that really stood out.  Specifically, they’re both decades older than me, have been playing together for four years… but can’t host and emphasize being discrete…

What the fuck?  This screams “we’re two adults cheating on our significant others and looking for somewhere to hook up”.  Probably tired of making out in cars or paying for hotel rooms.  But this dude acts like he’s trying to do me a favor?

For those of you who don’t know me so well… I’m an extraordinarily private person.  I’m a hermit in training and don’t waste my time on most people.  Sure, Bob doesn’t know that… but what kind of unreasonable douchebag is he?  Not only treating Sierra like shit, he’s probably cheating on a wife or long time partner, and he’s willing to offer his mistress’ orifices to a stranger just to have a place to fuck her.

My response (edited for anonymity):

“Bob, I appreciate your offer but felt that I should outline my own positions before we go any further.  I don’t play with couples or groups unless I’m very comfortable with them beforehand, and I’m certainly not interested in being anyone’s third wheel.  If (Sierra) wants to meet with me, see if we get along, that would be a good first step.  If Sierra and I click maybe down the line I’d be open to adding others.  But it would only be in stages and accommodating all of our comfort levels.

“Second, your concern for ‘discrete’ partners and inability to host implies to me that you’re both involved with others and this is some side situation, which I’m not okay with.  If that isn’t the case, please set me straight.”

Yeah, I was more polite than I needed to be, but I’m a polite kind of guy and I was still curious what info I could get from him.

His reply was unsurprising:

“Yes, we are, as you put it, ‘involved’ with other people but we’ve been together for (years) and have never had any drama.  Sierra only plays with me, so if you’re suggesting time with just her than there is nothing else to really discuss.  Good luck with your search.”

Yeah, that put pretty much all my questions to rest.

There are so many douche bags out there.  I’m quite sincere when I tell people that I’m glad I’m not a woman in the dating scene these days, I couldn’t stand it.

9 thoughts on “Follow up email

  1. I’m so grateful not to have to be in the position of finding a partner or a playmate. I don’t envy anyone who has to do it… so many things to navigate. I can sympathize with your plight – I wouldn’t want to be celibate but the shit you have to go through for some release? Ugh. Hoping you find a situation that works for everyone, or at least you are moving soon and can really start anew.

    • I’ve already reached the point where I don’t really care one way or another anymore. If I find a playmate before I go, cool. If not, whatever. I’m just so tired of the singles scene.

  2. I debated commenting on the first installment of this tableau, because I was putting together a clear picture of this couple and getting angry for different reasons. To me, the acceptable explanation for his attitude toward her in front of someone they don’t know is if their dynamic was of the M/s variety, in which case she signed up for any and all of his whims and did so with her eyes open. Ideally. But if that were the case, then that makes him the sort of careless and irresponsible Master who sends his slave off to play with a complete unknown. Dangerous, thoughtless, and cruel.

    But now we see that this is not the case. And I’m less angry, but still cranky. Maybe they’re filthy cheating cheaters and I hate them for cheating, but at least he’s saying that he won’t send her (who depends on him to see to her safety) off alone with a stranger.

    • I totally agree with everything you’ve just said and based on his first email I assumed it was some variation of an M/S relationship. What got me though was his tone and attitude towards her. There are good BDSM, M/S situations and there are bad ones. In all the good situations I’ve seen, even in a Master – Slave variety, there is always an underlying respect for their partner. That’s the line I draw between outright abuse and consensual fun. His attitude definitely was dancing on the line immediately, which is a big red flag to me. If you disrespect your partner to strangers, I have a hard time imagining there’s much behind closed doors. Then, take that into combination with the fact that he’s cheating on a spouse and yet doesn’t want his… slave to play with anyone else, and I get the impression that this is a very manipulative dude obsessed with control. Possibly even dangerous.

      Whatever the case, certainly something I want no part of. 🙂

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