Hot Lunch

I know it’s a bit of a click-bait title but I couldn’t help it.  (And, sorry Sassygirl40, no smut yet.  Just haven’t been feeling it recently.)

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here.  I’ve been busy adulting.  I’m getting ready for the impending move and taking care of a bunch of things.  Even got my taxes done before the deadline, pretty good for someone like me who always puts everything off to the last minute.

Anyway, as today represents the end of a very long and mostly productive week I took myself out to lunch at Subway.  Big spender, I know.  But one of the things that I love about the Subway near where I work is that it’s always staffed by hot women.  Shallow, probably, but it makes the whole experience a little nicer.

Today, there was an absolutely gorgeous redhead serving me, totally my type.  Athletic but still with curves, some tasteful tattoos, pretty but down to earth.  She looked like the type that probably played Roller Derby on the weekends, or at least had some friends that did.  That she had a great smile and got my jokes were just icing on the cake.

And a wedding ring.

Too bad.

I really wanted to take her aside and ask her where I could meet someone just like her.  Maybe ask her if she had a twin sister that was single, or failing that maybe a best friend.  And I probably would have said something if the place hadn’t gotten busy.  Well, that and I wasn’t sure if it would come off as weird.

Maybe next time.

9 thoughts on “Hot Lunch

  1. Now use the naughty subway thoughts to get you in the mood to write some smut! Lol

    Sorry to hear you haven’t been in the mood 😦

    Our Subway locations are not staffed the same as yours…ours are completely unattractive staff 😦 didn’t stop me from getting a sub for lunch today though…I was just able to do it without daydreaming of picking up the staff 😉 on a sub-related note…have you tried the flat bread there??? It’s completely delicious and addictive!

    • The trick (for guys) is to find a Subway near a military base, they’re often staffed by all the young wives. Attractive but taken, like this one.

      And she didn’t give me particularly naughty thoughts, more somber than that. Like, “Huh, are all the women like you married or are they all hanging out somewhere I haven’t found yet.” Cause they’re certainly not in the same circles as me, at least not the single ones. 😉

      And I’m way too manly to order flat bread. Pretty sure they take your man-card for that.

      • Oh for Petes sake it’s not gender specific! Pretend you are ordering it for a woman then. For the record, my best friends very manly husband orders enjoys the flat bread. Mind you his wife is ordering maybe that’s why he can.

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