Time for a G&% D@*N Rant!

I know, I know, I promised some other posts but I got side-tracked and had to rant.

Ladies, if someone came up to you and said that cutting off a chunk of your clit had all sorts of possible (though insignificant) health benefits would you go for it?

Somehow I doubt it.

When you hear about female genital mutilation in third world countries does it make you cringe?  And/or donate to Human Rights Watch?

Then why, for the god damn fucking sake are people still encouraging male circumcision?

I just saw a news article TODAY that mentioned all these “benefits” to cutting off men’s foreskins.  Except, if you actually read the stats, get the background information, give it a little critical thought and check other sources, it’s almost COMPLETE BULLSHIT.

Why is this socially acceptable?  Why is this even worth a fucking article?  Why aren’t people pissed off?

Do you know why circumcision was invented?  The church thought it would be a way to lessen boys’ urges to masturbate.

But this isn’t the fucking dark ages, why is this still a thing?  Why are we permanently damaging male children, removing thousands of their nerve endings on the most sensitive part of their body?

I’ve read the studies, seen the arguments, and they’re all full of shit.  Seriously.  EVERY SINGLE POINT!

I don’t get it.  If we were talking about mutilating baby girls there would be a shit storm of epic proportions, but no one cares about boys?  This is fucking bullshit.

5 thoughts on “Time for a G&% D@*N Rant!

  1. I had my oldest son circumcised because that was just what you did 25 years ago. I was 17, had no idea that the other option was better and just went with what was mainstream where I live. Fast forward 15 years later and my husband and I were expecting our son together. My husband is cut and wanted his son to be the same (ridiculous argument). I researched it, watched a video of it and was horrified. I told my husband that if he could watch that video and still insist it happen to my baby then he would have to be in the room and WATCH it be done. Our son is UNcircumcised. It’s a horrific act.

    Now stop being angry and write me something smutty! Geez!

    • I’m glad you researched it for the second, so many people don’t. That’s my biggest frustration with the whole thing, that it’s so common and accepted that people don’t question it and do the research.

      As for the smut, it’s coming soon. 😉

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