It’s that time of year again…

The less than great news today is that both of my new CL friends flaked out.  It happens, though usually I’m pretty good at picking out which ones will and which ones won’t.  Not a particularly big deal either way, a massive dose of quality time and online porn has calmed my libido down since I got back.  I’ve returned to normal, my merely average level of horniness.  Which is probably better in the long run since I make questionable decisions otherwise.

And like every cloud, this one has a silver lining…  Once again, I can willfully ignore the worst holiday of the year.

Valentines Day.

It’s like my nemesis.  It might only come around once a year but it pretty much ruins the entire month.  It’s a lose-lose, if you’re in a relationship you have to do the whole buy-her-love dance, and if you’re single than you have to deal with being bombarded with images of “love” and happy couples for weeks and weeks.  The whole mass media industry suddenly goes fucking crazy for couples and “showing” (buying) our overwhelming love for our lifetime match.

I have to stop here or I’m going to get even more angry than usual.  It’s best for me to just avoid the whole topic.

And this year I can safely do that without it affecting my sex life.  Thank the gods.

So, for the rest of you enjoying the safety of spending Valentine’s Day alone, have a good one.  Don’t forget to stock up on the wine.

(Notice I didn’t mention the Super Bowl?  Yeah, I’m not really a fan of football either.  What can I say, February is pretty much a crap month all around.)

7 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again…

  1. Bummer on CL… I will have a rather garrulous post on that tomorrow 😉
    Good on the porn… I haven’t been able to find anything satisfying enough. I think I’ll go back to reading hard-core smut. That seemed to work a little…
    V-day – don’t care either way… It would be nice to have a “valentine” ANY fucking day, if you ask me.
    Super Bowl – Yay!!! Go Broncos!!!

    Love you, Johnny
    ~ Smitten

    • Good smut is hard to find. 😉 Maybe I could forward you some of my smutty book once it gets close enough to finished. I’d like an… experienced opinion.

      V-day – Booo!
      Super Bowl – The team I was kind of, somewhat rooting for won! Do I get, like, an encoder ring now, or what?

  2. I purposely don’t have any desire to date from January 1st to Feb 15 because of the fear that some guy…or me…feels obligated to “show” our love by doing something corny on V-Day….I guess I could try and date next year and if I click with someone, just tell the dude that I don’t want to celebrate V-Day…I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this before…now I have a plan for next year. =)
    Football players DO get paid WAAAY too much BUT football brings me back to good memories of hanging with my Dad. I tend to watch a couple of games during the season, the playoffs, and the ridiculously priced Superbowl…This Denver native enjoyed the game with a few others and a good time was had by all…

    • Yeah, generally I avoid dating this time of year as well, it was just started by the haze of horniness that came from my trip home. Otherwise, I’d have been keeping my head in the sand. Last year was the first one in a long time where I had to actually do anything for the holiday. Yeah… it’s better when that doesn’t have to happen. Even with a few cute gifts for Stephanie, my cynicism for the day showed through. Ce la vie.

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