Dipping in my… toes

Ever since I got back from my trip I’ve been ridiculously horny.  As such, I’ve found myself drifting more and more toward my old hunting grounds, the place where the darkest shadows meet, the seediest of players gather, the place that always makes me feel like I need to take an antiseptic shower…  Craig’s List.

I’m only half kidding.  Yes, CL has been a favorite of mine for a long time but it’s not (always) as bad as I make it sound.  At least not for guys.  Usually.  Sure, like an old hotel room, you might not want to go poking around with a UV light, but at least it’s cheap and easy.

Still kind of half kidding.  Sorry, been drinking.  A bit.

Anyway, I’ve actually had a lot of luck on CL over the years.  With a little patience, some humility and humor, a little effort can pay off.  It’s one of the few places where you can be honest, blunt and not care what anyone thinks.

For example, right now I’m in this weird middle of things where I’m going to be moving sometime later this year, so I don’t want anything really serious but I’d really like something.  On CL, I can put all of that in an ad, throw in a “men are assholes” joke and post it.  If a woman finds it amusing I might hear from them, if they don’t then I won’t.  No big deal.
Of course, it probably helps that when I’m on CL I have no standards except the ability to read the post to the end and spell halfway decently.  Seriously, the older I get the less I care about anything other than personality.  Maybe when I was a young man boob size and waist line mattered, now I’m all about sense of humor and intelligence.  I’ve been with enough women to know that appearances have little to do with how much fun they are in the bedroom and out.
At the same time, CL is a lot like fishing, notice they don’t call it “catching” (old joke, I know).  You have to put up a couple posts, don’t expect immediate results, and play each response carefully.  It takes some time and patience.
And I’m a bit of an expert.
Soooo, after a few days of libido vs shame arguments, I slipped back into the slimy waters.  I put up a post almost exactly the same as the one I did when I met Jane.  Entirely honest, to the point, no BS.  (Side note: for any guys out there utilizing CL, mentioning some “BDSM experience” is a hot button right now.  50SoG has brought it into the public consciousness, just mentioning BDSM ups the percentage of responses.)
Over the course of the weekend, I’ve gotten a couple solid bites at that particular hook.  One is a busy 40yo professional who’s looking for more fun during her dwindling off time.  Promising.  The other is a 27yo in an open relationship and looking to explore her submissive side, all on the up and up.  Also promising.
While it was never my intention to go back into womanizing, seeing more than one at a time like I did at the beginning of the blog, we’ll see how it goes.  Obviously, meeting each other and seeing whether we match up is the biggest hurdle but my horny side is already fantasizing about seeing them both.  In many ways the two women seem to be opposite sides of the coin, which could work well for keeping life interesting until I leave.
Like I said, we’ll see.  Whatever happens, it’ll be post-worthy.
Thank you, Craig’s list.

5 thoughts on “Dipping in my… toes

  1. I’ve never considered Craigslist. Something about it feels icky…although it is just another way to meet people I suppose. Good luck!

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