A quick note

**I’m still on break until the new year, at least, but noticed something recently.**

Over the last couple months I noticed that my reader feed has gotten thin.  At first, I just thought everyone was busy and not writing as much.  ‘Tis the season, and all that.  But I decided to do a little digging anyway.  I went through my “follow” list and checked most of them to see when their last update was.

It turns out there’s been a combination of three things going on:

  1.  A lot of bloggers have quit over the last year.  Probably about two thirds of the people that I’ve followed have since stopped writing.  There’s nothing wrong with that, I’ve taken some long breaks myself, but does explain the thin feed.
  2. Apparently WP has an issue with some self-hosted sites.  There are a few bloggers that have moved to paid WP sites, rather than the free ones, and for some strange reason they stopped showing up in my feed.  I’ve noticed the issue before but it’s ongoing, requiring me to unfollow and re-follow… which I can do once I notice it’s happening again, but it’s not like I know when the posts stop showing up.
  3. Some bloggers have shifted their blog to “private”, requiring a login.  I’m just going to give a blanket statement about that.  If a blogger has set their site to private, I’m not going to request access.  Period.  To me, it’s a respectful thing.  Going private is a way of stepping back from the public gaze, to protect themselves or get some personal time, and I’m not going to try and insert myself.  So, if you went private and haven’t heard from me, don’t take it personally.  That’s just me giving you your space.

And really, I can’t say much about people not posting since I haven’t been doing much of it myself.  I’ve gotten past most of the shittiness (most) that pissed me off so badly over the last few months but I’ve just been so busy I haven’t had the time or energy to write.  Not just blog posts, I have three stories (two novels and a short story) that need to be finished and I haven’t had time to touch them either.  I did NaNo in November, had a big work project the next week, then had family down for two weeks, and this week I’m flying out to spend the holidays with my kid.  I simply won’t have time to write until the new year.  And there’s been so much to write about.

I guess I’ll finish up with a generic seasonal greeting.  My holidays are going to be crazy but fun, hopefully yours will be too.