People Online Disappoint

I should clarify, most people disappoint eventually -thus the Super Villain Johnny posts I did- but it’s even worse involving people online.  And before anyone gets any ideas, this isn’t about anyone specific, it’s the culmination of quite a few experiences over the past few weeks.

I haven’t been writing here much because this site is in a weird limbo place for me.  When I started blogging it wasn’t really to connect with people, not at first anyway, it was just to have a place to write whatever the fuck I wanted to write.  My life was in a crazy place and I didn’t have anyone in real life I was comfortable talking to, so I wrote it all out.  It helped keep me sane.

The other side of blogging is that it does eventually connect you with people that have similar interests, situations, problems, etc.  It’s really easy to make connections, but how much quality is there?  It’s so much easier to ignore someone, be rude, or whatever, when the interactions aren’t face to face.  And there are so many people with different agendas online.  How many of us have been spammed by followers who just want us to check out their “How to improve blog traffic” websites?  Eventually, we weed through the BS to find ‘real’ people that seem to ‘get’ us.

But then, when you’re ultimately disappointed by some of those people online it screws everything up.  The blog isn’t really anonymous anymore because you have relationships with people, when they piss me off I don’t feel like sharing anymore.  Why should they be privy to my innermost thoughts and what’s going on in my life?  Screw them.  I gave them time and energy and opportunities for real connections and they blew it.

So, why post anything?  Maybe I should just stick to “Evil Johnny” cartoons when the mood suits.  Or I could just disappear and leave the assholes guessing.  Which, I have to admit is quite tempting.  I’ll always be a writer, and I’ll probably always have a blog, but that doesn’t mean I have to post anything here.

I don’t know, I’m just tired and frustrated of always being disappointed.

19 thoughts on “People Online Disappoint

  1. I have those feelings too, Johnny. But, my blog is for me… I like to write and it feels nice to be admired for it (or admonished. At least someone read and understood what I was trying to say). People either like it or they don’t. People participate or they don’t. If I don’t like what a person says, I can delete it. Or even better, I can edit their comments. Mwahahaha!! (I have not done that yet except to correct spell-check errors, etc…)

    Also, sometimes my “innermost thoughts” can be inadvertently hurtful to “those people” or possibly offensive to them. Even though the intent isn’t to be mean, I can still take satisfaction knowing it will probably happen.

    You’re right “they blew it”. THEY blew it, Johnny. Fuck them, not yourself.

  2. People suck (including me, I am half the equine I used to be). If you have no experience rations then there is no room for disappointment!

    • I’m assuming that should read “expectations”. But how depressing is that, to not have any expectations for those around us? Shouldn’t we be disappointed in people who fail to live up to basic decency?

  3. I feel you 100 million percent. I have to try to work on keeping this the place where I still go to let it hang out. I can’t let my disappointment or sorrow keep me from coming here. If I don’t, I think I go completely batshit, and that is not good. I gotta get it out somehow.
    I’m sorry someone/thing let you down. I hope you find your way back to doing what you came here to do 🙂

      • I could get all Confucius on you and state something like “Frustration greases the wheels of the squeaky pig …” but truth be told I’d be talking out my ass. Hope there is some clarity for you soon. I do enjoy your writing.

      • Life is difficult enough on its own without adding on unnecessary stressors. If this ever gets too stressful I’ll stop, but for now I’m still figuring it out.

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