Alcohol leads to…

Like most people I have a love-hate relationship with alcohol.  Usually when I’m drinking I love it, while the hate is usually reserved for the next morning.

It also sometimes means I don’t always remember what was so fun about the night before.

This weekend I decided to have a ‘me’ day, just drinking and playing video games.  Stephanie, not having any plans, decided to hang out too.  I didn’t have a problem with that, the whole ‘friends’ thing has been working out pretty well so far.  As long as she didn’t care that I planned on getting blasted.

This morning I woke up on the couch when Stephanie came out to walk the dogs at some ungodly hour.  I took that to mean that she hadn’t slept.  She dropped off my dog and took off.  I went back to sleep.

When I got up at a more reasonable hour I realized that there were very large gaps in my memory of the night before.  I remembered telling her to stay over, we were both wasted, she could have the bed and I’d take the couch, but not much more than that.  I had a vague impression that there were some awkward moments but there were too many missing pieces to put it all together.  I knew it wasn’t anything too bad, probably, maybe, but figured there might be an unpleasant conversation sometime in the near future.

Today, a group of us got together for lunch.  Stephanie was acting a little odd but there were people around so I couldn’t very well ask what was going on.

We hung out for a while then ended up walking back to our cars together.  I started off by telling her that there were big parts of the evening that I didn’t remember.  I said it as kind of a joke, hoping to ease some of the stress.  She said that explained a lot.

She told me that we both drank too much and got frisky.  She said it was confusing and left it at that.

Cue suspicious gaze.

Now, I don’t actually remember any of that but I have a hard time believing what she said.  Steph is the kind of girl that’s really agreeable, will go along with pretty much anything, she’s kind of like a lost puppy that will follow a person around… in other words, she’s really easy to take advantage of.  That’s why I’ve been so careful around her, I don’t want to give her false hope about a relationship or get too connected.  Friends is fine but nothing more than that.  But if I’d gotten frisky she would have gone along with it fine.

Secondly, just because I was drinking and there was a woman around wouldn’t mean I was into messing around.  I was drunk, happy and playing video games.  Sex wasn’t on the brain or anything close to it.  (And I was too drunk for messing around anyway.)

Thirdly, not to toot my own horn but if I was an equal participant one or more of my body parts would have been sticky this morning.  Probably my beard as going down on women is something that I love to do and have a history of doing so even while intoxicated.  Hmmm… half memories of sexy women with their legs spread.  That’s probably the biggest downside to alcohol, not remembering all the fun.  At a minimum my fingers or beard would have smelled like pussy this morning.  They didn’t.

Soooo… what to think about all this?  I have a theory.  I think Steph got frisky last night and I rejected her.  From what little I remember, and from what I know about the two of us, that seems like a far more likely scenario.  I might have been a little more sloppy-friendly than usual, which she’d interpret as a come-on, she’d make a move and get shot down, thus her story of us “both” getting frisky and it being confusing.

But I don’t remember any of that and I’m not going to bring it up with her again, so a theory is all that it is.  Well, that and I don’t particularly care, it’s just an amusing story for the day.

I could go for some sex though, that’d be nice.  I know Steph would be willing but that’d come with the whole lost-puppy attachments on her side.  I wouldn’t do that to her.  Okay, well I probably wouldn’t do that to her depending on the amount of alcohol involved.

No more binge drinking with friends that are exes.  Got it.

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