Invitation to discuss Manliness

Yesterday I read a good post from Scott K on the blog Atheists on Fishing, Let’s Talk About Manliness pt 1.   In one part he wrote about how there are groups of Men’s Rights Activists (MRA or meninists) that troll the internet preaching borderline anti-feminist (I’m being polite here) comments, memes, and stories.  I’ve seen some of those myself and have next to no respect for them.

Overall, it’s a good post and I’d recommend giving it a read.

Anyway, I ended up in a back and forth with one of the people who commented, Curiosetta.  Rather than go back and forth on a third party’s blog, and since Curiosetta does not have a blog (at least not a public one that I can find), I offered to have a chat here.  I was traveling but I’m back and have a weekend to spend going on and on about those tricky, hard to reach, big important questions about life

So, Curiosetta, here is the soapbox.  Mi casa es su casa.  Hop on and get wild, let us all know what you think.  What are your opinions, ideas, what are your proposals?  And maybe you can start by telling us a little about yourself?


10 thoughts on “Invitation to discuss Manliness

  1. Curiosetta stopped by one of my posts on feminism a while back and left a rather polite, articulate comment that I unfortunately never got around to responding, so hopefully they will stop by your post here.

    I’ll go make the popcorn.

  2. Curiosetta, if you come by, don’t worry, I got your back. And I won’t call your comments dumb (Why ya gotta be so rude, Id?). I’m grappling with your thoughts (still talking to you, Curiosetta) because they tie into my own concerns with how feminism can inadvertently emasculate. But there’s also an issue of rights vs. power. Men may not have the same rights as women (I’d like to see the list you mentioned), but men do hold systemic power which I guess is what concerns me the most about the men-feminists (can’t remember the initials). If these men truly see themselves without rights and they equate that as powerlessness, then to what extent will they go to gain what they deem as equal rights? Because as history has shown, with systemic power at your back, a man who feels disenfranchised can do a lot of damage.
    I’d love to engage with you about this. Old views of feminism annoy the crap out of me. 🙂
    Oh, and nice come back with googling projection. Cahlassiccc!

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