Fame and Anonymity

Anyone who’s read for a while knows how little I like social media.  As much benefit as they might have (Arab spring), they are just as often used by not-so-nice people to recruit others to their cause (every -ist you can think of).  Those are extreme examples, the outliers if you will, but the everyday stuff is often just as poisonous.  Social media is like the land of narcissism, promoting those that are ridiculous or ridiculously attractive, encouraging everyone to shout louder and louder to gain attention.

That shit scares me.  I can’t imagine being a kid growing up in all this immediate gratification, pleading for attention, and daily bombardment of bullshit.  I’ll just give you one example before getting off that particular soap box.  Just pretend for a moment you’re a fourteen year old girl on social media, the more revealing the outfit, the more risque, the more attention they’re going to get.  Good and bad.  Lovers and haters and bullies and trolls and friends and men with less than pure intentions.  And how well are teenagers equipped to deal with that?  They’re already wired to have less self control, raging hormones, and are more likely to have emotional swings.  But it’s “cool” to be on social media, right?  Hop on the bandwagon.

And everything on the internet lasts forever. Continue reading

Apologies and Forgiveness

I wasn’t going to comment on the Ashley Madison leak, I didn’t give two shits about it.  Married folks signing up for a website to cheat… not the most sympathetic victims.  If forced to provide a statement it would have looked something like this:

(Nelson from The Simpsons)

However, as a few of the more celebrity users have started providing responses to their leaked use of the website it brought up a couple thoughts.

As a society we have this fascination with tearing down successful, recognizable people.  The bigger they are the harder they fall… the harsher the criticism and laughter from the masses.  What makes a story even more juicy is when the person is famous for their values and beliefs, then it’s brought to light that their actions are completely contradictory to the image they try to portray.  Two of the big names are high profile Christians. Continue reading

Ah, ha! Relationships and anniversaries

I was already pondering this post today about where I am in my head when I made a somewhat amusing observation.  Thirteen years ago today Cat and I got married.  I was thinking back over past relationships and the date popped up on my computer… it took me a moment but the date kept tickling the back of my brain until I realized the connection.  It’s a fine correlation with what I was already circling.

One of the things you might know about me is I’m a bit of a romantic.  I’m nostalgic, I love stories, and I save everything.  I’m not a hoarder but anything that sparks a memory I hang onto, good or bad.  Souvenirs from every relationship are carefully boxed and saved, emails and texts are never deleted.  Hell, I still have the chat conversations with Anne (Not to be confused with Ann) from back in my college days and those are fifteen years old now.  I’ve gotten tattoos were several different girlfriends, a permanent reminder.  In another box I have every notebook I’ve ever written in, poems, journals, story ideas, and more reminders.  It’s one reason that I almost never delete posts on my blogs.  Almost never. Continue reading

How about an earworm for Sunday?

I woke up this morning to a whining pup.  She’s always insistent around sunrise but this morning was worse than usual.  What was strange was how I woke up with a tune stuck in my head.

What made the tune so frustrating was that it was just the melody repeating over and over, the words weren’t there.  It took me two hours to figure out the song.  Turns out it was from Thursday when I was looking for music videos with female lead singers.  It was the chorus from another Halestorm song, which shouldn’t be too surprising.  They’re one of my new favorites.

So, I thought I’d share.

Thursday is Friday Night Music – Women that Rock

I had a rough day and wanted to do something fun, and maybe a little bit different, so I decided to do more music tonight.  With the conversations earlier this week I decided to specialize the music selections provided.  Women that rock.  Hell yeah.

I’m a huge fan of female vocalists in all genres and before anyone complains, I’ve had to severely limit the selection because there are just way, way, way, way too many bad ass bands to include them all.  Feel free to make recommendations in the comments, I’ll try to make sure they’re included in further posts.

I also decided to do something a little different this week and provide some new recommendations in the second section.  I pulled a few of my favorites and dug around on some sites to find some modern bands that are definitely worth checking out.

Part 1 – Relatively older stuff that’s still awesome.  And by older I’m limiting myself to rock bands 90’s and later.  If you want to skip these because you’re already familiar with the bands, feel free, but definitely check out the newer recommendations in part 2. Continue reading

A One Sided Debate

Since it seems Curiosetta is unwilling to participate in a discussion, I guess I’ll just post my rebuttal.

First, I’d like to just take a moment and explain why the comments that sparked all this pissed me off so much.  There are some crazy people with extreme views that go around and snipe at people online, usually hiding behind anonymity.  Those trolls are annoying but most readers can look at those comments and see that they’re just crazy and extreme and disregard them.  Those types of trolls don’t bother me, they’re more sad than anything else.

No, the people that bug me are the ones with extreme views that are smart enough to incorporate legitimate issues with bullshit misinformation or ridiculousness.  These people piss me off because when you question them they fall back on the nugget of legitimacy.

I’ll give you an fake example.  “Texting and driving is extremely dangerous.  Only uneducated idiots from Colorado text and drive.”

If someone argues against the inflammatory (and stupid) ‘uneducated idiots from Colorado’ part, the original commentor can pull out stats about how dangerous texting and driving is and obviously anyone who disagrees with them is pro-death.  They’re essentially relying on one part of their argument being close to inarguable to lend legitimacy to their whole statement. Continue reading

Invitation to discuss Manliness

Yesterday I read a good post from Scott K on the blog Atheists on Fishing, Let’s Talk About Manliness pt 1.   In one part he wrote about how there are groups of Men’s Rights Activists (MRA or meninists) that troll the internet preaching borderline anti-feminist (I’m being polite here) comments, memes, and stories.  I’ve seen some of those myself and have next to no respect for them.

Overall, it’s a good post and I’d recommend giving it a read.

Anyway, I ended up in a back and forth with one of the people who commented, Curiosetta.  Rather than go back and forth on a third party’s blog, and since Curiosetta does not have a blog (at least not a public one that I can find), I offered to have a chat here.  I was traveling but I’m back and have a weekend to spend going on and on about those tricky, hard to reach, big important questions about life

So, Curiosetta, here is the soapbox.  Mi casa es su casa.  Hop on and get wild, let us all know what you think.  What are your opinions, ideas, what are your proposals?  And maybe you can start by telling us a little about yourself?

Traveling and Loss of Sleep

I’m on the road for work this week, attending meetings and giving presentations.  My job is mostly a solitary one but a couple times a year we all get together and share our various war stories, trying to impress our bosses.

This week, when I was supposed to be wowing my coworkers and supervisors I hit a mental wall.  First off, as surprising as it might sound here, I’m really quite a modest person and don’t like tooting my proverbial horn.  Talking myself up in real life isn’t something I enjoy doing.  Secondly, I’d gotten less than six hours of sleep in the previous two days due to traveling and the time differences.

I got up in front of the group, power point ready to go.

We’d already been at the meeting for a couple hours, one of the organizers told me we had thirty minutes until the scheduled break.  Would that be enough time for my presentation? Continue reading

Chasing the Green Dragon

My dog has a few strange traits, one of which is her abhorrence of loud vehicles.  I’m pretty sure that in her head volume = evil, the louder it is the worse it is.

Among the many devils that plague my neighborhood are motorcycles, moving vans, and the worse of the worst, garbage trucks.  These must be defeated at all costs.

In dog logic, the only way to rid the world of loud evil is by being even louder.  Yes, that’s right, the punishment for being noisy is to be bombarded with more noise.  Ie. barking.  Barking as loud as possible with every inch of power in her 25 lb frame. Continue reading

I had an idea

I had an idea for a post today but it was a bit too sappy and depressing, it wasn’t any fun, and it’s Friday so there really should be something amusing that can be posted.

So… I’m going to go get a stiff drink and be right back…

Still here?  Wow, your Friday afternoon/evening must be as busy as mine.  For those curious, I’m drinking Rum and Ginger Ale.  It’s all I had in the fridge. Continue reading