Sucky Week

Well, for it being a short week with a long holiday weekend it’s somehow turned into something utterly crap-tastic.  One of those weeks that you wish would end but somehow you aren’t optimistic that the next week will be any better.

I got screwed over by the property managers I hired to take care of the townhouse that Cat and I still own thousands of miles away.  They needed over three grand for mysterious repairs, denied sending me the necessary paperwork, declared it all an emergency, and now won’t even answer my emails.  After I sent the money, of course.  Money that I didn’t really have to spare.  I’m sure it’s just a crappy agent and not a scam, I’ve worked with them for over five years, but it’s got me tearing my hair out at the roots -and I didn’t have that much hair to begin with.

The large tax return that I was supposed to get, that would cover the house repairs has somehow been lost in the ether.  It was filed on time, with the same preparers I always use, all the paperwork was straight, yet every time I try to find out what’s going on with it no one has a clue.  It just disappeared.  I can’t even verify it was filed at all.

I got a text this week from Cat, apologizing for missing Father’s Day.  It wasn’t entirely unexpected, I’m pretty far down on her priority list, but things like that still sting.  She said that our daughter was really bothered that she didn’t get to talk to me and that we should skype this week.  Monday I sent her my usual text “I am available whenever works for you guys (big time difference).  Just let me know when and I will make it work with my schedule.”  Haven’t heard anything back from her.

Last week I decided that I need to break up with Stephanie.  It’s been a long time coming but I put my mental foot down and decided that we’d have the talk next time I see her.  She’s a sweet girl and deserves more than a text.  Also, I’d like to stay friends if possible, as unlikely as that is.  But I’ve been so exhausted with everything else going on that I haven’t even seen her since then and can hardly imagine drumming up the energy to see her right now, let alone break up with her.  Sigh, it needs to be done though.

Then this morning I saw an article about how Kanye West announced that he is “the greatest living rock star on the planet”.  That’s just fucking ridiculous.  I barely consider what he does to be music, let alone rock.  Thankfully, most of the planet seems to be mocking the declaration as much as I did.

And finally, until all of the craziness with the townhouse and taxes get figured out, I’m broke.  Like eating Ramen noodles, counting down to payday broke.  I have a four day holiday weekend and can’t even afford beer.  Now that’s depressing.

P.S. Camp NaNo started yesterday too, I’m supposed to be writing something funny.  Sigh.


11 thoughts on “Sucky Week

  1. There’s so much to comment on, but I’m still stuck on Kanye being the “greatest rock star on the planet.” Which planet would that be? I’m trying not to be too cynical here, and so I will go with a more positive approach that good for him for thinking so highly of himself. After all, somebody’s gotta do it. I can attest that things always do get better one way or the other – I have lived on both sides of hell to know it’s true. No beer IS depressing and would help you out if you lived on our coast. It would certainly help with my growing beer “roll.” Hang in there!

      • I’m sorry you had such a crappy week…Glad to just read that you know it will get better, cause you are right, it will…I’ve realized I don’t like my new supervisor which is totally bumming me out and I’m wondering how I’m going to get through this little obstacle life has thrown at me…

      • All of life is obstacles and how we deal with them. Me, I tend to vent online to relieve the pressure then keep trucking.

        A Buddhist concept comes to mind when I read your comment, one that’s helped me in the past. I’m paraphrasing but the Dalai Lama said something like “We should appreciate our enemies and those that frustrate us because they will challenge us in ways that friends and family cannot.”

      • I am as open as an open book…I have to be in the career that I chose…What I don’t like is when someone says something and then doesn’t follow through with what he/she said. I KNOW there is a reason for every action. So why my supervisor told me one thing and now is ending up doing something else, is frustrating. I was told by a coworker today that it all comes down to $$$ which makes sense to me. But I still don’t like the fact that I was lied to. Anyways, I do agree that our enemies can teach us so much and what many people should think about instead of being so close minded. P.S. This Grateful Dead chick loves your “keep on truckin” line =)

  2. I’m curious as to why you use a prop mgmt company to manage your townhouse? We bought a condo in Vegas 5+ years ago (3,000 miles from home) and we just lock up, leave and then head back every 8-10 weeks or so; enjoy it again, lock up, leave; lather, rinse, repeat.

    Sorry to hear your week has been so shit. The good thing about a run of crappy luck is there’s nowhere to go but up.

    • We can’t go back every 8-10 weeks and wouldn’t even if I could. We bought it a year before the housing bubble burst and couldn’t unload it without taking a huge hit, so we’ve been renting it out. The state that it’s in requires rental properties to be managed by a licensed company if the owner lives out of state.

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