Friday Night Update… and some music

I have over 180 draft posts in my que but most of those are fairly heavy topics or involve too much thinking.  Things with Stephanie have reached this strange limbo where I’m not sure if I’d rather leave or stay, work has been intense, for some reason I keep getting sick, and my only solace has been the various writing projects I’ve been working on.  I used to escape into reading fiction, now I escape into writing it.  So, that’s what my life has been for the last few weeks, working, coughing, writing, and sort of avoiding the girl I’ve been dating.  I could spend an hour writing and editing some in depth post about the meaning of life but somehow I don’t have the motivation, can you blame me?

Instead, I’m ignoring Stephanie’s boring texts, drinking rum and coke, and searching YouTube for music.

This week’s theme, song’s that inspired me when I was learning guitar.

Shade by Silverchair is the first song I remember taking directly to my guitar teacher and saying “show me how to play this”.  It’s not too difficult to learn but it’s a great song.

I was in High School mid to late 90’s, in case you hadn’t figured that out.  No Doubt was huge.  The guitar for most of their songs was kind of… eh, but I really liked the spanish flare in the guitar work on this one.  The rest of the song is nice but I spent weeks listening to the solo at 2:40, over and over, trying to learn it.  It’s not too showy, it has personality, and fits with the rest of the music really well.

This song is so simple and yet it drove me nuts until I realized they play strange variations on the chords and have them run through an effects pedal that modifies the tone.  It’s not hard to play, but it’s hard to get it to sound right.

You gotta love a metal band that decides to go acoustic.  This is still one of my all time favorite albums.  Though, if your interested in them, they basically split after their debut but the lead singer kept on putting out albums in the band’s name.  I was disappointed when I found that out and the rest of the albums are nowhere near as good as that first one.

As much as I love me some good acoustic, there are definitely some amazing electric players.  Who doesn’t love Tool?  The way they mess with rhythms is amazing.  I got to see them live a couple years ago, awesome.

I’d been a fan of Korn since their first album.  However, they really caught my eye when I read an interview with their guitar players (Monkey and Head) when Follow the Leader was put out.  Almost all the cool little noises you hear in the songs were made with guitars and pedals, not a computer or synthesizer.  I thought that was awesome.

I have a love-hate relationship with Creed.  Their half ass, pseudo Christian lyrics irritate me to no end, and watching their videos, like the one above, really makes me want to see their heads explode…  but Scott Stapp, love ’em or hate ’em, was a good front man and singer…  and Mark Tremonti is one of my all time favorite guitar players.  I mean, a big band like Creed had one guitar player that covered everything really, really well.  He wrote good riffs, played tasteful solos (in Creed anyway, Alter Bridge is a different story).  Overall, I liked the stuff he played and he played it really well.  So, I’m torn on Creed but they did play a big role in how I learned to play and what kind of guitar player I wanted to be.

I love Soundgarden but their songs drove me nuts.  Their guitar player messed around with the tuning on his guitar every other song.  I guess if you’re a moderately wealthy guitarist you can have four guitars sitting around with the different tunings, but as a fifteen year old with one acoustic and an electric with a floating bridge it was frustrating.  Those guitarists out there will probably know what I mean, a floating bridge is a bitch to tune.  You get it right and try to never touch it again.

Okay, I was going to call it quits here but then thought of two more good ones.

This is another one of those songs that isn’t hard to play but it’s just beautiful, assuming you have a singer as good as Eddie Vedder.  Side note, I really want a Tele like the one he’s playing here.  Some day.

Counting Crows has been featured in a couple of these Friday Night Music posts.  I’ve been a huge fan of their first album since the first time I heard it.  This song is deceptively simple.  The chords are easy but the strumming pattern takes some practice.

Anyway, hope you all are having a fantastic drunken Friday night.  Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Friday Night Update… and some music

  1. Not good Stephanies texts are boring =( Bummer you have been sick lately (drinking lots of water? eating your veggies and fruits-or taking a multivitamin? getting enough sleep?) Pearl Jam was my first concert back in the 90s…

    • Does vodka count as water? It’s clear. Pearl Jam is one of my all time favorites. Haven’t seen them in concert yet but they’re high on the list.

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