Friday Night Update… and some music

I have over 180 draft posts in my que but most of those are fairly heavy topics or involve too much thinking.  Things with Stephanie have reached this strange limbo where I’m not sure if I’d rather leave or stay, work has been intense, for some reason I keep getting sick, and my only solace has been the various writing projects I’ve been working on.  I used to escape into reading fiction, now I escape into writing it.  So, that’s what my life has been for the last few weeks, working, coughing, writing, and sort of avoiding the girl I’ve been dating.  I could spend an hour writing and editing some in depth post about the meaning of life but somehow I don’t have the motivation, can you blame me?

Instead, I’m ignoring Stephanie’s boring texts, drinking rum and coke, and searching YouTube for music.

This week’s theme, song’s that inspired me when I was learning guitar.

Shade by Silverchair is the first song I remember taking directly to my guitar teacher and saying “show me how to play this”.  It’s not too difficult to learn but it’s a great song. Continue reading