The Writing Bug

Inspiration is a strange thing.  A week ago I finished the first draft of my latest fiction project.  Yay, go me.  My regular pattern is to immediately start the next project.  You see, it’s really difficult, almost impossible, to edit something you’ve just written.  It’s too close, everything seems right because you just wrote it.  It’s more effective to finish the next project then go back to edit the previous one, it’s easier to see the errors and things that need to be changed.

So, as soon as I was done I started brainstorming the next project.  I already had a couple ideas bouncing around but nothing that jumped out.  I’ve found it’s better not to try and force a project that I’m not feeling at the moment, so I kept looking.

Well, yeah, inspiration is a strange thing but when it strikes you gotta go with it.  Sometimes it reeks of fate, but that brings up existential questions that we don’t want to talk about.

While thinking about projects my brain kept going back to an old idea, writing an autobiography.  I’ve played with the idea for years.  In 2013 I wrote a post called Writing a Book, Maybe (which is actually a pretty fucking funny post if you ask me).  I always figured that even if I didn’t publish it that would be something to leave my daughter.  I wish my parents would write autobiographies, I know almost nothing about their lives before me and they’re getting old.  I’ve actually started and stopped a few times already.  The timing just wasn’t quite right, or my head wasn’t in the right place.

My head might not be in a good place right now but maybe the timing is right.  And maybe writing it will be good for my head.  I’m in a bad rut, maybe writing about all my old ones will help get me out of it.

I started two days ago and have thirteen pages already.  That’s what happens for me when I just go with the flow, my subconscious wants to write this so it’s flowing easily.  That’s just a quick introduction up to high school, I haven’t even gotten to the really interesting bits yet.  Sex, drugs, rock and roll, marriage, military, open marriage, divorce, dating, etc.  Should be a crazy journey.

4 thoughts on “The Writing Bug

  1. I started writing something like that a while ago, just because I’ve had a hard time writing anything at all the past few years, and this was something that came very easily to me. I’m not normally emotional when writing, but I found the project to be strangely cathartic. Not sure if I ever want to do anything with it besides let it sit on my computer, but… You never know.

    • Yeah, I’m not sure what I want to do with it yet, I’m just enjoying the writing process. It’s already been a lot of fun, bringing up all these things that I hadn’t thought about it years. It’s also interesting to look at some of these events in the ‘grand scheme’ and see how they changed the course of things.

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