Memorial Day

Occasions like Memorial Day bring up a lot of memories, good and bad.  I’m sure it’s similar for most veterans.  I learned a lot of valuable lessons and skills, met a lot of amazing people, it’s absolutely played a huge role in shaping my life, but even if you don’t fight on the front lines sacrifices are still made.  Overall, I did four deployments, two on Aircraft Carriers.  Sea deployments are no joke, neither is working the flight deck.

I used to tell the noobs that the day they weren’t scared up there was the day it’d kill them. Continue reading

Friday Night Update… and some music

I have over 180 draft posts in my que but most of those are fairly heavy topics or involve too much thinking.  Things with Stephanie have reached this strange limbo where I’m not sure if I’d rather leave or stay, work has been intense, for some reason I keep getting sick, and my only solace has been the various writing projects I’ve been working on.  I used to escape into reading fiction, now I escape into writing it.  So, that’s what my life has been for the last few weeks, working, coughing, writing, and sort of avoiding the girl I’ve been dating.  I could spend an hour writing and editing some in depth post about the meaning of life but somehow I don’t have the motivation, can you blame me?

Instead, I’m ignoring Stephanie’s boring texts, drinking rum and coke, and searching YouTube for music.

This week’s theme, song’s that inspired me when I was learning guitar.

Shade by Silverchair is the first song I remember taking directly to my guitar teacher and saying “show me how to play this”.  It’s not too difficult to learn but it’s a great song. Continue reading

God’s Not Dead

***Disclaimer: I have absolutely no problem with any religion or ideology on its own.  My philosophy of life is pretty straight forward, do whatever you want as long as you aren’t hurting anyone else.  Gay, straight, sexual preference, ethnicity, religion, are all irrelevant to how I interact with people.  Power to everyone.  Believe whatever you want, do whatever you want, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.  It’s simple.

What I do have a problem with is how some religions sell themselves and how some lead to poor treatment of others, whether that be women, homosexuals, people with different religious beliefs, etc.  That violates my “do no harm” clause above.  If someone wants to be close-minded that’s their prerogative, as long as it doesn’t affect others.  As for marketing, some religions, or branches of those religions (emphasis on some, not all), use the same persuasive techniques that advertisers do to try and influence and shape public opinion.  I don’t have a problem with religions trying to increase their flock as long as it’s done honestly.  That’s not always the case.  It’s one thing to state your beliefs, or have an open and honest conversation, it’s another to use subterfuge.  That’s bullshit, and I have no problem calling anyone on their bullshit.***

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Friday Night Writing Music

I have quite an extensive musical palate, something that might not have been obvious through previous music posts.  So, I thought this Friday we’d do some different.  When I’m writing I’ll pick out something that fits the mood of the chapter I’m working on.  Here are some of my favorite, diverse, choices.

Weird video but Loreena McKinnett is amazing all around. Continue reading

Nothing is Permanent

“Most of our troubles are due to our passionate desire for and attachment to things that we misapprehend as enduring entities.” ~Dalai Lama

Two weeks ago I got a phone call from my mom, my Grandfather had passed away.  This morning I got a phone call from my mom, Grammy passed away a couple hours ago.  Before you get any warm fuzzy feelings about the timing, they’d been divorced for some 35 years because she cheated on him.  When he remarried soon afterwards and managed to be happy, that was like an ice pick in her gut that never went away.  She made some half-hearted attempts at dating after the divorce but as far as I know nothing serious ever happened and she spent most of the next 35 years alone. Continue reading

The Writing Bug

Inspiration is a strange thing.  A week ago I finished the first draft of my latest fiction project.  Yay, go me.  My regular pattern is to immediately start the next project.  You see, it’s really difficult, almost impossible, to edit something you’ve just written.  It’s too close, everything seems right because you just wrote it.  It’s more effective to finish the next project then go back to edit the previous one, it’s easier to see the errors and things that need to be changed.

So, as soon as I was done I started brainstorming the next project.  I already had a couple ideas bouncing around but nothing that jumped out.  I’ve found it’s better not to try and force a project that I’m not feeling at the moment, so I kept looking. Continue reading