A Fun Reminder

I haven’t talked about Jenn in a long, long time.  You probably don’t don’t even remember the last time I wrote about her, I know I don’t.

I met Jenn back in 2008.  I was going through a rough patch, Cat and I had just opened up our marriage and I was separated from our daughter.  Work had just moved me to the other side of the country, I didn’t know anyone so I put up a w4m CL ad for a pen pal.  It was mostly a joke, I didn’t think I’d get any good responses.  In the ad I mentioned that I’d prefer to message with an attractive woman because that would be good for my ego.  Maybe because it was written in a joking manner there were actually quite a few responses.  Jenn’s was the best.

Things started out entirely platonic, we chatted about relationships, life, and a bit about everything.  She was smart, funny, and a great pen pal.  The reason she’d responded to the ad was because she was new to the area too, she’d just moved there to be with her long term girlfriend.  And she was hot.

As the weeks progressed the messages got dirtier, more suggestive.  We started talking about sex, what we liked, what turned us on.  We started exchanging a few pics that weren’t quite as PG as they had been earlier on.

Then she tells me that maybe it’s been too long since she’s been with a guy.  She asks if I wanted to meet up.

Now, keep in mind this was a woman who had been 100% lesbian for the previous decade.  A woman that moved here to be with her long term girlfriend.  A very attractive woman…

Hell yeah, I wanted to meet up.

Within the first fifteen minutes we were getting naked in her room.

From there we turned into an on-again, off-again FWB for the next year and a half.  She was a real sweetie, the kind of woman you would take home to meet your parents.  She wasn’t vanilla though, she would greet me at the door in lingerie or fool around in public, but she was really caring and kind of romantic in ways that I wasn’t used to.  One time she gave me a massage and paused every few moments to kiss the skin she was touching.  It sounds cheesy but it was really sweet.  It had been a long time since a woman had happily pampered me.  There was a tenderness to her that was really appealing.

It was during this time that I started blogging and there are a few fun posts about her on the Ladies page.  My favorite is The Steam Room, it’s funny.

When my divorce was finalized Jenn wanted to see if we could get serious.  I was interested but we never really had a chance.  Shortly after, in 2010, things ended when she had some family issues and had to move back home.

Most of the updates I’ve gotten since then are from her Facebook page.  She’s gone back to dating women.  A year ago she sent me an email, said if I ever end up in the neighborhood there might be some fun possibilities with her and her girlfriend.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t live anywhere near the places I go but I appreciated the thought.

Then a week ago I got a quick email from Jenn.  It simply said that she was thinking about our time together.  Attached was an intimate photo we took together six years ago.

It made me smile.

That started a quick email exchange, updates and suggestions.  She sent me a series of nude photos of her and her current girlfriend.  Two incredibly attractive, naked women together…

Wow.  Yeah.  Excuse me, I need a minute.

She’s still a sweetheart.  I’ve been invited to come visit any time, as well as the fun possibilities if I do…  I really wish I lived closer.

Ahhhh, Jenn.  I haven’t seen her in years and she still manages to keep life interesting.

2 thoughts on “A Fun Reminder

  1. Are you insane?!?!?! Go for a holiday!!! Or get them to meet you at say Vegas for the weekend. When I’m over there… Cheers 😛

    In conclusion, damn boy! Do not pass that opportunity up.

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