The big American in Australia

**This is the only repost from Blogger I’m doing because it’s just too damn funny and sets up the next post.  Originally posted on Blogger shortly after it happened, 12/27/14.**

Vivian and I were having a lazy evening, watching movies and eating Thai in bed.  After, Vivian got up and went to take the dishes upstairs.  (There will be plenty about Vivian, back story and all, in other posts.  This story was just too funny to wait.)

A minute later she came back in, plates still  in hand, eyes big, and asked me if I was good with spiders.

She had told me previously about her major issues with spiders.  It’s on the level of “will kick you out of her house” for joking that there’s a spider near her.   Seriously.  Anything spider related is totally off limits.  Okay, no problem for me.

When Vivian came back into the bedroom and mentioned a spider, my big ego, American, white knight streak emerged with a hard on.  Of course, I’ll vanquish the arachnid and save the day!

I got out of bed in my boxers, chest puffed out, flexing my arms.  “Alright, where is he?” Continue reading

It’s a new year and I’m back

For those of you who haven’t been following along on Blogger (for shame!) I recently returned from a holiday trip to Australia visiting with a few blogging friends.  There have been some great stories, many of which I will be posting about in the near future.

Now, I have been quite happy with writing on blogger for the past few months, not that I’ve been writing a lot, but a few things over the past weeks had me thinking.  First, I met with three bloggers while in Sydney, Sharn, Rambling Goat, and Nonsense Unicorn.  Each one of those three took me aside as some point, independent of the others, and asked when I was coming back to WordPress.  My answer was pretty much the same to all of them, that I didn’t feel like I needed to come back, I was happy with blogger.  But a second, more important thought quickly followed those conversations, had I not been on WordPress for six months last year I would never have “met” any of those three bloggers, or Ann, online OR in person.  In fact, most of the significant relationships I’ve formed over the last year, the friendships, the networking, the good conversations, have all been because of the community on WordPress.

Had I not made the move to WordPress March 2014, my entire year would have been completely different.  I never would have met Ann, traveled to see her and written months of posts, never met these other bloggers, I would never have spent the holidays in freakin’ Australia with friends.  All of the lessons I’ve learned this year, all the friendships I’ve formed, the directions I’m heading in my life, all the significant events were entirely, or at least somewhat, influenced by WordPress.

So, I’m back for now, take it as you will.  I haven’t been writing a lot though, so I don’t plan on moving over any posts you might have missed. On the other hand, I do have quite a bit to write about the Australia trip.  Yes, it was quite a bit of fun.  So, for those interested, stay tuned, it’s a new year and Johnny is back on WordPress.