Australia: An unexpected and lazy day, b*tch

Since we’d gone to bed around five that morning after spending most of the night at the fetish club Vivian and I slept in late.

That morning/afternoon as I was making coffee, Vivian was catching up on the messages she’d missed while we’d been sleeping.  She read one and burst out laughing.

I brought over two steaming cups and asked her what was so funny.  She hesitated.

Don’t get mad, she said.

Um, okay.

She read a text she’d gotten from B that morning.  “That American guy kind of looked like your bitch last night.”

At first I was stunned, then I burst out laughing.  Really, it wasn’t all that surprising.  B had been at the club the night before.  From what she’d seen, I’d followed Vivian around like a lost puppy all night.  I’d been in a fetish club, which was a new experience, in a different country, and Vivian was the only person there I knew (not to mention I really liked spending time with her), so I stuck pretty close to her all night.  Of course it looked like I was Vivian’s bitch.  It was a superficial observation but it wasn’t that surprising.

However, it was the first time I’d ever been called someone’s “bitch” so I didn’t forget it either.

The day before had been a bit crazy, we hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep, so Vivian and I decided to take it easy.  We played a while then camped out in her bedroom, snacking, playing, and watching movies.

“What an unexpected Christmas,” Vivian said, head on my shoulder, chuckling.

At first I wasn’t sure what she meant but then I took a moment and thought about it.  In many ways the situation was exactly that, unexpected.  Of all the things I expected during my trip to Australia, I certainly hadn’t predicted Vivian, the naked Christmas, any of it.  I had been sure I would have a good time but it had certainly come in an… unexpected and wonderful way.

That phrase, an “unexpected Christmas” got repeated several times that day.  We’d be naked, cuddling, and the improbability of the situation would occur to one of us.  Two strangers from half way around the planet, different countries, hadn’t known each other before I came to visit her roommate, yet… there we were together.

Thinking about all that also made me a little sad.  I would be leaving soon.  I was determined to make the most of the time we had left.  It was a lazy day but we managed to squeeze in a lot of fun too.

I’ve taken a few wrestling classes and a couple of the moves have found their way into my bedroom repertoire.  That probably sounds odd, but if you’re spooning a woman and can pin her legs open with your legs then it leaves your hands available to do some uninterrupted fingering.  Several times on the trip I did this to Vivian, that day was one of them.  I fingered her for so long that she stopped me, told me she couldn’t take it anymore, and that I had to spend “one hour, minimum, away from her vagina.”

I chuckled and made a mental note of the time.

We watched a movie and fell asleep together.  I woke up slightly before her.  The following is taken verbatim from my notebook, “(Vivian) asleep against me as I catch up on some notes.  I’m really going to miss her.”

When Vivian woke up she went to pick out another movie.  She was on all fours, leaning over her laptop at the foot of the bed.  I took that as an invitation.  It had been longer than an hour, I slid up her dress and began playing with her.

I started with fingers and, because of the position she was in, I ended up doing some acrobatics to get the right angle to put my face between her legs.  Luckily, I’m fairly flexible and imaginative.  Again, I went until she made me stop.  It’d become routine at that point, her having to almost physically stop me because she couldn’t take it anymore.  She collapsed on the bed, breathless and shaking.

“You know why it doesn’t bother me that B thought I was your bitch?  Because she doesn’t see moments like these,” I said, smiling.

(Cue foreshadowing funk music.)

Vivian picked out a movie, we slept through half of it.

It was getting late when we woke up.  We ordered some Thai food and watched another movie.  Then we fooled around some more.  I wrote down the names of the movies but we only watched half of each one so they’re hardly worth mentioning.

Before bed we went out to the patio so she could have a cigarette.

She was smoking, looking off into the distance.  “I feel really fucked right now.”


“In a good way,” she clarified, smiling.

Ah, I smiled back.  I took that as another compliment.

Then she got all wiggly, rubbing her thighs together.

She was extra… wet… after all our playing that evening.

“It’s odd but kind of nice. I’m squishy,” she said with a laugh, still wiggling.

After her cigarette we went back to bed.  We were naked and I couldn’t stop my fingers from roaming.  A beautiful, naked woman, who could blame me?  Carpe noctem.

“That’s not sleeping,” she said sleepily.

“You want me to stop?” I asked, teasing.

Vivian sighed, almost resigned, “I’ve given up on asking you to stop.”

I smiled.  She was learning.

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