Australia: The fetish club pt 3

Fetish club pt 1

Fetish club pt 2

We made the rounds at the fetish club, saying good night everyone that Vivian and F knew. There were even a few people I recognized as we were leaving.  There was a couple that I’d met a little earlier at D’s house and C was tying a woman on stage.  A few days earlier she’d let me watch as Sharn tied her.  I waved as we were walking out but C didn’t seem to recognize me without my clothes on.

I could tell Vivian was worn out, she’d been going non-stop all day and it was past midnight.   Mentally, I made a note, when we get home she needs a break before we fall asleep.

As we were walking out of the club I did a cartoon style double-take.  A pretty woman in a sexy Santa outfit was under one of the suspension points on the main floor of the club.  She lifted her skirt, revealing a rope harness, then suspended herself from the point.  In a neat acrobatic feat she flipped upside down and started tying her own legs.  It was impressive.

Vivian, I, and F had been busy all evening so we grabbed some burgers after the club.  One of the prettiest parks in Sydney was just down the road and we decided to have ourselves a little picnic.

There are some very large fruit bats in Sydney.  F mentioned that the bats drink from one of the pools in the park so we picked a spot to watch while we ate.  We saw a few large possums but only one bat.

[Side note: there is a distinct biological difference between Australian possums and American opossums. Yes, according to wikipedia there is an “o” before the American animal despite the terms being used interchangeably in many places.  Australian possums look like a large squirrel; about the size of a big cat, large bushy tail, and kind of cute.  American opossums look quite different and belong to a separate suborder.  To Sharn’s annoyance, I kept referring to Sydney’s rampant possum population as “giant squirrels”.]

(Possum vs Opossum.  From Imagur:

We chatted while we ate.  I hadn’t spent much time with F, we’d either been busy or it was too loud at the club, and was impressed by her.  Superficially she seemed a little young and naive, especially in the girl-next-door outfit she wore to the club, but talking to her she was clearly neither.  F studied biology and was working toward her PhD (if I remember correctly) so there was a lot of talk about the Australian bio-diversity and animals.

After our midnight picnic, Vivian and I took F home then made our way back to the apartment.  Sharn was still kidnapped by Cern so we had the place to ourselves again.

I mentioned previously how it can be meditative to be tied.  To a degree, you can kind of turn off your brain and focus on the sensations.  You’ve temporarily given someone else control over your body, you can just sit back and enjoy the ride.  Vivian had been stressed all day, taking charge and making sure everything went smoothly, I wanted to give her a break.  She also really likes to be tied, so I figured that tying her was something I could do to help her de-stress before bed.  I had her undress under the suspension frame and got out the rope.

Remembering some of the techniques she’d shown me, I started with tying her hands behind her back.  Almost as soon as the rope touched her skin she closed her eyes and her breathing slowed.  I took my time, working slowly with the rope, enjoying her reactions.  Running the rope between her arm and body, I’d make sure that it traced across her chest and over her nipples.  I nuzzled into her neck as I handled the rope around her.  Every once and a while I’d pause, kiss her lips or her neck, then continue.

I sat her down on the floor and kept tying.

After a while her shoulder started bothering her so I untied some of the rope and retied her hands to one of the supports over her head.  She was half sitting, half laying, her legs tied and spread, and her hands secured above her.  I went and got a popsicle.  She had mentioned before that she liked cold and I hadn’t forgotten.

There are these strange popsicles in Australia that come in sealed, cigar-shaped, plastic tubes, as though they were designed specifically for kinky playing.  I put a couple to good use.  It was too much for her at one point but I’m not always the best at listening when I have my head buried between a pair of pretty legs, especially when they’re tied open and she can’t stop me with her hands.

We had a really good time.  A really good time.  We also made quite a mess.  I’m not going into details but it was very fortunate they had a hard wood floor and a washing machine.

We cleaned up the living room, repacked the ropes, and hopped in the shower.  We washed each other thoroughly before getting out and heading to bed.

Relieve some of Vivian’s stress before bed, mission accomplished.

It was 5 a.m.

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