Australia: The fetish club pt 1

One of the things about the Australia that I was looking forward to with equal parts excitement and nervousness was a trip to the fetish club.  Both Sharn and Vivian are very active in one of the local Sydney clubs, I was pretty sure I’d end up there at least once.  There aren’t many things that make me uncomfortable but I’m not a fan of crowds, loud (bad) music, places where I don’t know many people, I like my personal space, and I can sometimes be a bit shy.  In short, I’m a pretty classic introvert.  There was no part of going to a “fetish club” that was going to be comfortable for me but at the same time I was really curious.  So, I was torn.

I ended up going with Vivian on Boxing day (the day after Christmas for Americans).  Vivian had organized a raffle to raise money for a cancer charity that was going to be held at the club and she let me tag along.

That morning Vivian’s phone was dead.  She needed charge it before we went out since we weren’t sure when we’d be coming back.  She plugged it in.

Oh, what to do while we wait?

She tied me again.  This time she went a lot tighter and farther than she had before.  My hands were tied behind my back, then she tied one of my thighs to the suspension frame so I was on one foot.  Several wraps were placed over my eyes as a blindfold.  She was seductive with her hands and the rope, lingering along my skin.  Vivian even suspended me for a few moments.

When she was finished she took some photos so I could see the ties.

Once Vivian’s phone was charged we had two big tasks to get completed before going to the club that night.  The prize for the raffle wasn’t ready, it was a photo of a local, kinky ladies group wearing very little.  Vivian needed to find a place to print it out and a frame.  There was also a “fetish” dress code at the club and we needed to find something for me to wear.  I’d packed light for the trip and it’s not like I have a very kinky closet (it’s not like there’s much for guys anyway).

Most of the stores were closed for the holidays but fortunately K-mart was open.  It offered photo printing as well as a clothing department that we hoped would have a few items that we could re-purpose toward more kinky ends.

There were a funny few moments while we worked with the photo service guys to try and print out a large copy of the photo.  They have some strict policies and Vivian’s photo could easily be considered pornographic.  It was a beautiful, very tastefully done, but it was composed of a dozen topless women.  The only reason we eventually convinced them to print it was because it was being raffled for charity.  Once the guy got an okay from his boss he was really helpful, getting the photo printed quickly and even deleting it off the K-Mart server (as much to cover his ass as ours, I’m sure, but whatever).

We got the photo, picked out a frame, and moved over to the clothing aisles.

By this point, I’d decided that I was just going to let Vivian pick my outfit for the night.  I had literally no clue what counted as “fetish” wear and I’d never been to the club so I gave her creative control for the evening.

Yeah…  I’m not an especially shy person but what she picked out gave me a couple twinges.  As she held up the items a strange feeling wash over me.  I’m going to show up and be the American butt to some Australian joke.  Look what we convinced this idiot to wear!

A pair of cute but tight boxers, suspenders, and slippers.  That’s it.

Really?  She nodded.  You’ll look cute in these, she said.  Sigh.  Okay.

Now, a year ago I’d never have been caught in public wearing that little.  It just wouldn’t have happened.  But I was actually feeling pretty good tight then.  I’d been working out and running a lot, over the last year I’d lost 20lbs and shaped up fairly nicely.  I might not have six pack abs but I wasn’t that far off either.  I felt fit, tattooed, and if she said it was what I should wear I was up for it (I’m not going to pretend I wasn’t feeling some butterflies though).  It’s funny because I wouldn’t have felt weird about wearing that little to the pool but for some reason wearing that little in a club seemed so wrong.  Oh well, I was committed to the experience so I just went with it.

We didn’t have time to swing back to the apartment that afternoon.  We needed to pick up the second prize for the raffle, a painting that had been done by boobs.  As in, one of the local ladies slathered her breasts in paint, then rubbed them all over a blank canvas.  It actually turned out quite nice but we had to hang out in town to get the painting before going to the club.

While waiting Vivian and I had Oportos in the park together.  She made sure I wrote down the name of the restaurant, apparently it’s a big deal in Australia.

One of the things that I really appreciated about Sydney was the sheer number of parks.  It seemed like every other block had a nice, quiet, wooded area to relax.  Vivian and I ate, snuggled, and played with the local wildlife.  There was a huge flock of birds that condensed around anyone that fed them.  They were ravenous, stalking us at a couple points, almost reminiscent of Hitchcock’s Birds.  There was also a brave, acrobatic rat that kept the birds at bay with flying ninja kicks (not an exaggeration).

I took a couple photos of the two of us together. Vivian laughed at me but that worked out.  My favorite photo of the trip is one of us in that park, she has a sparkle in her eye and a big smile.  It was a nice, almost domestic afternoon together.

After picking up the breast painting we went straight to one of Vivian’s friend’s house.  I’m going to give them all quick nicknames for the post because otherwise this is going to get confusing.  It was D’s house, one of Vivian’s exes, and we were there to pick up F, his current girlfriend.  F had been in need of a night out and Vivian offered to take her out on a “date” to the fetish club that night.  I was going to be the proverbial third wheel for the evening.

D was another of the down to earth, laid back, easy to talk to Australian guys that I met on the trip.  We all had a few drinks while we were hanging out, the conversation was easy.

At several points in the night my brain would stumble a bit.  I was going to a fetish club with a beautiful woman that I’d spent the last few days with, quite intimately, we were at one of her exes’ house, she was taking his current girlfriend out for the night, I was having drinks with the ex and tagging along on the “date”…  There was so much potential for awkwardness and yet there really wasn’t any.  They were all fine with the situation and everything was going smoothly so I just kind of suspended my disbelief and went with the flow for the evening.

Several people lived with D, all into Shibari, so it’s not much of a surprise that we ended up playing with some ropes before leaving.  D offered to put me in a male version of a rope corset for the evening and demonstrated to Vivian how to tie one on me.  It was funny, he kept apologizing for touching me but by that point I was pretty indifferent to having a guy wrap my bare chest in rope.  With all the other craziness going on, that seemed like the least weird.

We decided against the rope chest piece, according to the experienced riggers it would been too hot for a night at the club.

I also got to see D tie F.  She’s a pretty intense masochist and he’s an expert in “mean” rope, using rope to cause pain.  He would tightly wrap a limb, then bend the limb so that the ropes bit in even deeper.  She would yelp and moan.  It was pretty intense but getting to see them all sweet with each other before and after was a reminder that they were both getting what they wanted.  It was educational, to say the least.

Vivian and F got changed into their outfits for the night.  Vivian was going as a kinky-sexy clown, with bright make up and tight clothing.  F was going as a sexy, girl next door.  Both looked good.

The girls and I were standing in the living room, I held up the boxers and asked where I should go to change.  Vivian looked at F, then back at me.  She shrugged, right there is fine.

I couldn’t tell if she was serious or not.  Whatever.  I stripped naked right there and put the boxers on.

“I love that you’ll do that,” said Vivian with a laugh.  I shrugged, I was just about beyond modesty at that point.

I put shorts and a t-shirt on over the outfit, there would be a place to store them once we got to the club.

It’d already been a long day but we still had a whole night at the club ahead of us.

Stay tuned for pt 2

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