Australia: The fetish club pt 2

Fetish Club pt 1

We arrived at the club, music thumping through the walls and stripped out of our outer-wear in the entrance.  Half naked people wandered in and out of the club.  I felt a few twinges as I got almost entirely naked, handing my clothes over, but I was committed to seeing where this evening would take me.  Tight boxers, suspenders, and slippers.  Not much left to the imagination.

We got stamped and walked through the door.  As I looked around the darkened room my pervading thought was: “Wow, I might be the most scantily clad guy here.”  Almost all the other guys were wearing black street clothes.  Why hadn’t anyone told me a black t-shirt and black jeans would have been “fetish” enough to get in the door?  Oh well, it was too late to change at that point and once the clothes were off the cat was out of the bag, so to speak.  (As the evening progressed I did see a few more guys wearing as little as I was.  We were in the minority though.) Continue reading

Australia: The fetish club pt 1

One of the things about the Australia that I was looking forward to with equal parts excitement and nervousness was a trip to the fetish club.  Both Sharn and Vivian are very active in one of the local Sydney clubs, I was pretty sure I’d end up there at least once.  There aren’t many things that make me uncomfortable but I’m not a fan of crowds, loud (bad) music, places where I don’t know many people, I like my personal space, and I can sometimes be a bit shy.  In short, I’m a pretty classic introvert.  There was no part of going to a “fetish club” that was going to be comfortable for me but at the same time I was really curious.  So, I was torn.

I ended up going with Vivian on Boxing day (the day after Christmas for Americans).  Vivian had organized a raffle to raise money for a cancer charity that was going to be held at the club and she let me tag along.

That morning Vivian’s phone was dead.  She needed charge it before we went out since we weren’t sure when we’d be coming back.  She plugged it in.

Oh, what to do while we wait? Continue reading