Australia: Naked Christmas

Cern had stayed the night so I made breakfast for him, Sharn, and Vivian Christmas morning.  French toast, eggs, and sausage.  We didn’t eat until noon or so though as Vivian and I had developed the habit of playing in the morning.

I had managed to sneak in some Christmas shopping during the previous few days, so I had something for each of the women.  Sharn got a book that she had looked at when we’d been out together a few days earlier.  Vivian got a copy of one of my favorites.  If I’d realized Cern was going to be over that morning I’d have gotten something for him too, he had to settle for all the food he could eat.  Sharn gave me a Neil Gaiman book that we’d talked about.

Cern and Sharn left shortly after breakfast so Vivian and I had the place to ourselves for the rest of Christmas day.  (Well, actually, we had it to ourselves for the next four days as Sharn had been “kidnapped”, though we didn’t know that at the time.)

Thus commenced what Vivian called our “Naked Christmas”.

We drank, played, watched a movie, played, snacked, played, smoked, played, napped, played.  The day before we’d gone to the store and stocked up, so we had plenty to drink and eat.  We lounged around the place, basically naked all day, just indulging ourselves in every form of the term.  Thus, “Naked Christmas”.  Vivian decided this should be the beginning of a new tradition.  Mimosas and a beautiful naked woman, way more fun than a tree, visiting relatives, and cheesy holiday movies if you ask me.

We talked about all sorts of things.  I mentioned that I had been doing a lot of writing (other than the blog).  She asked if I had anything she could read.  Before the trip I’d put a few stories on my Kindle, thinking I would edit them on the trip (I never did), so I handed it over to Vivian.  She read a Halloween story and said that she enjoyed it.  That was nice, it’d been a quick story I wrote for my daughter but positive feedback is always appreciated.

That afternoon we were naked on the couch, wrapped in a sheet, watching a movie.  I was getting caught up on notes when she put her head in my lap.  Suddenly, I was inspired artistically.  There’s something compelling about the curves of a nude woman.  I put my notebook away and started drawing on her bare shoulder.

At first, it was kind of a joke.  I thought of the most stereotypical, “girly” tattoo ideas and drew a big butterfly.  That wasn’t quite right though.  In some ways Vivian was a butterfly but that was only one side of her.  As “girly” as she seemed at times, making dinner or putting candles by the tub, that barely scratched the surface.  She was also really strong.  To a large degree I think she felt safe with me so she allowed herself to be soft, other times when I saw her she seemed invulnerable.  That was reinforced over and over throughout the trip, strength and softness in equal measure.  She was as fascinating as she was fun, she constantly intrigued me.

As I drew the butterfly evolved; it needed to be soft and hard, just like she was.  It got different patterns and designs all over it’s wings and body.  It wasn’t just a butterfly, it was a badass butterfly.  Curved and angled, soft and hard.

I took a photo and showed it to her, Vivian seemed to approve.

In return she drew a flower on my chest.  It was a cute little thing.  Maybe that was her way of saying I’m softer than my shaved head and tattoos would imply.  Big, muscular, biker-looking American but soft on the inside.  If that was what she meant to imply, I’m not sure I was in a position to argue, she certainly brought out the soft in me.

For dinner, Vivian cooked the turducken that she’d been so excited to buy the day before.  I’m not entirely sure how to explain what turducken tastes like, it’s a combination of flavors.  The chicken kind of tastes like duck, the duck kind of tastes like turkey, and the turkey was something like all three together.  It was good and Vivian had cooked it well, it was just hard to describe.

That night I gave her a long massage.  Her hip had been bothering her, “too much sex”.  The massage seemed to help.  She returned the favor, I fell asleep.

I woke up a couple hours later, the lights all on, Vivian asleep next to me.  I got up and turned off the lights.  Getting back into bed, she half awoke and was very startled that there was someone in her room.  After she calmed down we played a bit before falling back asleep.

Vivian has a very soft snore that’s far more cute than annoying.  Often I would half awake in the night, listen to her for a while with a smile, before falling back asleep.  We spent the next twelve hours in bed, not playing very much, just sleeping together.  We were both exhausted, it’d been a long week and a long day.  It was a pleasant end to our Naked Christmas.

6 thoughts on “Australia: Naked Christmas

  1. Naked Christmas, sounds like an amazing tradition! Although, it would help to be in the Southern hemisphere, it gets cold for that up here.

    What Gaiman book? I’m currently reading the new Sandman.

    Would it be too much to ask to see the drawing…?

    • I don’t know, naked around a fireplace sounds pretty good too but I get what you’re saying. 🙂

      Stardust is one of Sharn’s favorite movies. I hadn’t known that it was based on a Neil Gaiman book. For Christmas she gave me a copy.

      I’ll check with Vivian and see if she’s cool with me sharing the photo.

      • Stardust is brilliant, among my gifting as well. I recommend the illustrated edition published by Vertigo comics if you can get it,it’s quite beautiful.

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