Australia: Naked Christmas

Cern had stayed the night so I made breakfast for him, Sharn, and Vivian Christmas morning.  French toast, eggs, and sausage.  We didn’t eat until noon or so though as Vivian and I had developed the habit of playing in the morning.

I had managed to sneak in some Christmas shopping during the previous few days, so I had something for each of the women.  Sharn got a book that she had looked at when we’d been out together a few days earlier.  Vivian got a copy of one of my favorites.  If I’d realized Cern was going to be over that morning I’d have gotten something for him too, he had to settle for all the food he could eat.  Sharn gave me a Neil Gaiman book that we’d talked about.

Cern and Sharn left shortly after breakfast so Vivian and I had the place to ourselves for the rest of Christmas day.  (Well, actually, we had it to ourselves for the next four days as Sharn had been “kidnapped”, though we didn’t know that at the time.)

Thus commenced what Vivian called our “Naked Christmas”. Continue reading