Australia: Christmas Eve

Vivian had Christmas eve and day off, so that was the first significant time during the trip that we could spend the together uninterrupted.  That morning we took a leisurely couple hours playing before getting out of bed.  It was nice not to have to rush or feel bad about making her late for work.  Her hip was bothering her a bit but we managed to work around it pretty well.

A few days earlier, Vivian had asked me how I met Sharn.  I told her that I was a blogger and shared a link to this blog.  Afterwards, I asked her what she wanted to be called in future posts since I’d be writing about the visit.  Christmas Eve morning she decided on Vivian as her nom de plume.

I forget how the topic came up, but that morning Vivian also threatened to turn me into her Christmas tree for the year.  The previous Christmas Vivian had suspended B (who will come up a few times in these posts) upside down, wrapped her in Christmas lights, and inserted a lit candle into her.  Vivian showed me a photo she took of the “Christmas tree”, it was both erotic and artistic.  She threatened to buy a Santa hat and use me for her tree that year.  I wasn’t entirely opposed to that idea.

We hung out around the apartment for a while that morning before heading to the grocery store.  There wasn’t much food in the house and the stores were going to be closed the next day, if we wanted Christmas dinner than we needed to do some shopping.  I’d volunteered to make Christmas breakfast, so I needed to pick up a few things as well.

As we were walking around the store I noticed that my nipples were sore.  At first, I didn’t think too much of it, I’d gone running a few times while in Australia and sore nipples are nothing new to runners.  They kept bothering me though and all the sudden I had a flashback.  Vivian had been rough with them the night before.  I laughed and told her about the soreness.  Not surprisingly, she didn’t have much sympathy, her nipples, hips, ass and other bits had been taking plenty of playful abuse for days.

We picked up a few things but had to stop for a moment as Vivian got really excited in the meat aisle.  They had pre-packaged, stuffed, ready to cook Turducken.  For the uneducated, Turducken is a dish where a chicken is placed inside a duck, which is stuffed inside a turkey, and all cooked together.  She’d always wanted to make one and neither of us had ever seen one pre-made like that.  Her excitement was cute.  Into the cart it went.

That afternoon Vivan mentioned that she wanted to shave between her legs.  I’d offered to help shave her legs two nights before but I figured this was a bit beyond me.  I did offer to keep her company though.

Yeah, both of us naked in the tub together… she didn’t get to the shaving.  We messed around in the shower before moving to her room.

Going down on Vivian was so much fun and by then I was quite familiar with her body and how to work it.  After playing for a while she came really hard and told me to stop, she couldn’t cum any more.

“Stop?  I’m pretty sure you’ve got at least half a dozen more in you,” I said playfully.

She was pretty sure she didn’t.  I took that as a challenge.  I lowered my head and happily proved her wrong, laughing and keeping count as we continued.

That night Vivian made “bubble and squeak” for dinner.  I wrote the name down because it was so strange to me.  It’s a common dish in Australia and England but I’d never heard of it.

Afterwards, I asked if she was willing to tie me.  She’d already shown me a few techniques, which we’d used to both of our amusement, but there was still plenty to learn.  I’d never really been tied before, it was something I’d been looking forward to and I trusted Vivian.

I stripped down to my boxers under the suspension frame in the living room as she got her rope ready.

I mentioned before how sexy it was to see Vivian in her element, focused and confident, I got to see more of that as she tied me.  There was this look in her eyes, like she was putting together a puzzle and trying to see where all the pieces fit.  She was playful and flirty but at the same time totally focused.

She had me start with my hands behind my back.  Those were tied together, the rope run around my shoulders then looped under my arms and back.

All through out she would check the ties, adjust the ropes, and ask how I was doing.  I was fine and pretty comfortable considering the circumstances.  It was my first time being tied and her first time tying me though, so she kept it pretty light and easy.

I’ll have to go over the mental side of getting tied in one of these posts, it’s really quite interesting.  If you know the person, you’re confident in them, it’s perfectly safe but there’s a part of the mind that can kind of let go.  It’s almost like a meditation, releasing everything and giving your body over to someone else.  If you look at pictures of people being tied, they almost universally have a blank or serene look on their face (unless there are other things going on in the scene too).

As I could only see some portions of the tie, I asked her to take some pics when she was finished.  It was fascinating to see myself all tied up like that.  Kind of sexy too.  I could see the appeal to both sides of the rope.

In return for her tying me up, we retreated to her bedroom and I tied her.  My technique wasn’t on par with hers but I tried to make up for it with enthusiasm.  I tied her hands above her head, blind folded her, and tied both her legs.

Then I had some fun experimenting.  Blind folds can be so much fun.

I found a few items around the room and toyed with her.  My favorite was (ironically) a plastic tube of pain relief gel that had a fairly sharp seam on the bottom, I traced that corner all over her body.  My belt also got used for some light hitting on her breasts and legs.  And between her legs.  In between each of these I went down on her, but every time she got close I stopped and went back to the objects.  I would let her get right to the cusp before I backed off and switched to other sensations.

I continued until she was begging me to keep going with my tongue, then I indulged her until we were both exhausted.  I untied her and we fell asleep together.

Best Christmas eve ever.

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