Australia: Second night with Vivian

**I wasn’t planning on writing about every day with Vivian but there were at least a couple fun/funny notes from each day.  I suppose I could do some sort of “Best of” post and just hit the highlights but then those notes would lose their context, which is half of what makes them amusing.  So, sit back and enjoy lots and lots of context.**

I almost felt bad for Vivian as she left for work that first morning.  Neither of us had gotten any sleep.  Notice how I said “almost”?  Yeah, that night had been way too pleasant to regret, though I wasn’t the one that had to work all day.  I took a lazy day, bumming around the apartment.

That evening Cern came over to hang out with Sharn.  There’s something almost strange about meeting people in real life after reading about them.  Maybe it’s just me but my imagination always creates these mythical characters and when I meet them I have to reconcile what’s in my head with the person standing in front of me.  It’s not a bad thing, it’s just interesting.

Cern was a lot like most of the Australian guys I met, someone I’d be happy to get a beer with.  Nice, laid back, and easy to talk to.  He actually brought beer, so we had a few together.  I got to see him and Sharn together, they were pretty cutesy.

By the time Vivian got home she was exhausted.  She flopped down next to me on the couch and put her head on my shoulder.  We talked a bit, she mentioned how nice it would be to have a servant.  She was tired, so having someone to do things for her would be nice.

Like what?  Clean, straighten up… dust.  There was one point where she thought it would be quite amusing to have me dust the apartment.  Naked.  With a duster that was inserted where the sun doesn’t shine.  She would provide a duster with a handle that was either large or small depending on how well I behaved.  We both got a laugh at that, though it made me wonder if she would show up at the apartment one night with a new purchase and expectations.  Well, I always said I’d try anything once.

The other thing she mentioned was how much she needed to shave her legs but she just didn’t have the energy.  How nice would it be to have someone shave her legs for her, she lamented.

Well, I didn’t mind shaving her legs.  I think that surprised her a bit but I told her I’d be happy to.  (And what a great excuse to get her naked again, right?)

We said a quick goodnight to Cern, Sharn, and went downstairs.

One of the things that I really appreciated about Vivian was her thoughtfulness.  We didn’t just get in the tub, she went and found some candles.  There’s something really intimate about shaving a woman’s legs in the tub by candle light.  It was a bit of a tight fit but we managed quite nicely.

In between strokes with the razor my other hand was roaming between her legs.  Stroke with the razor… stroke with my thumb.  It was a careful roaming though, I didn’t want her to jump or me to slip.

When I finished with the razor I asked her if her legs were good.  You be the judge, she said.  Uh, they seem just about perfect to me but I didn’t mind double checking.  The playing progressed from there until she was arching her back out of the tub, splashing water all over our clothes on the floor.

“I really want to get out of the tub now,” she said panting as she quickly climbed out.

Cern and Sharn were still in the apartment somewhere.  Vivian and my clothes were soaked so we giggled as we rushed mostly naked from the bathroom to her bedroom.

I went down on her as soon as we closed the door behind us.

“You’re really good at that,” she said a while later.  I took that as another big compliment.

I fingered her until she squirted.  That seemed to surprise her, she asked how I did it.  “Like this,” I said and demonstrated until she squirted again.

After a lot of mutual playing we were both exhausted and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Half way through the night I woke up and realized I was fingering her again.  Suddenly awake, I didn’t stop.  After a few minutes she batted my hand away.  “I’m too tired to cum,” she said, drowsy.  I stopped and we both fell back asleep.

The next morning I made her coffee as she was getting ready to leave.  Vivian mentioned that she’d had a strange dream about someone playing with her.  I laughed and told her about the sleepy toying I did in the middle of the night.

She left for work, only about half an hour late that morning.

I was upstairs watching TV a while later when I heard Cern and Sharn in her room downstairs.  Until that moment I hadn’t realized how thin the walls were.  In the bathtub and after, Vivian and I hadn’t made much effort to be subtle.  I had to laugh and wonder how much Cern and Sharn had heard the night before.

9 thoughts on “Australia: Second night with Vivian

  1. Hahahahahahaha! We didn’t hear thing in the tub.

    Maybe the bathroom door is thicker than our bedroom ones? We hear everything that goes on in the bedrooms… Ops! Sorry, not sorry 😉

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