Taking a breather

You’ll have to forgive the break from trip posts for a moment, it’s been a crazy few days.

Sometimes the universe just slaps you in the face.  You could say it’s a sign from God, Allah, Yahweh, whoever/whatever, but as an agnostic I like the idea of the great unknown and “the universe” is a nice, ambiguous way to put it.

The problem with these proverbial slaps is that they don’t come with instructions or a convenient moral at the end.  There’s no sky banner saying “That’s what you get for XYZ, asshole!”, or “Don’t forsake love for the better job in Denver!”, or whatever the applicable lesson should be.  We just get bitch slapped and left wondering why.

Since returning from Australia I’ve had a series of unlucky, unfortunate events.  At first, it was a few minor things not that far out of the ordinary but the magnitude and frequency of these events kept increasing.  I went from thinking that maybe I was having a string of bad luck to thinking that the universe was trying to tell me something in an incredibly awkward and increasingly painful way.  Whatever the lesson is, I’m not learning it quick enough.

I came home to an infestation of cockroaches.  Stepping into my apartment after getting home from the airport, wanting nothing more than to go to bed, I saw my entire floor moving and wanted to scream.  I didn’t have any when I left, I’d taken all the precautions before leaving, there was no reason for the change.  My best guess is that the building managers sprayed outside, forcing all the little assholes inside, and my apartment was a conveniently unoccupied space for them to hide out.  I’ve already got it mostly cleaned out but do you think I’m going to feel comfortable in my apartment any time soon?  They were all over my bed too…  I get shivers just thinking about it.

Then there were a series of extraordinarily unlikely “accidents” in my bedroom and kitchen while trying to clean out said cockroaches that almost ended up in a couple visits to the ER.  Yes, that bad.  I thought I dislocated my knee at one point.  Bruised all over, bleeding, but thankfully not broken.  Yet.

And just now I got hit by a truck while walking to the coffee shop.  Again, thankfully, nothing broken (as far as I can tell so far) but painful and scary as shit.  Apparently, the driver was in too much of a hurry making that turn that he forgot the important things -like looking out the windshield- and didn’t see me in the crosswalk.  I’d have been seriously injured but he saw me at the last second and slammed on his breaks, reducing broken bones to bruises.  He was very apologetic about it afterwards, pulled over to make sure I was okay and all that, but the fact remains that he hit me with his big ass, 3-ton truck.  Nothing worthy of a hospital visit but quite unpleasant and scared the hell out of me.

I’ve only been back three days!

As I limped the rest of the way to the coffee shop (see what a determined blogger/caffeine addict I am?) I couldn’t help but ponder what it was the universe was trying to tell me.  Did I do something wrong and I’m being punished by karmic justice, is there some lesson I’m supposed to be learning, or some bad decision I’ve made and the universe is trying to get me to correct course?  I mean, everything happened since I got back from Australia, is the universe trying to tell me I shouldn’t have come home?  Did I leave unfinished business there, maybe?  Or maybe I’m just due for a wake up call?  Who knows?

The coffee shop girl felt sorry for me and gave me an extra piece of banana bread, so it’s not all bad, but really, universe?  Can you give me a hint at least before any further escalation?  I’m a little freaked out to walk home after this, wondering what’ll happen next.  Meteor strike?  An exotic virus?  Flesh eating bacteria?  Or worse, carpal tunnel?  I think I’d go insane if I couldn’t write.

So, if any of you have a direct number for the universe help line, I’d appreciate some guidance.

10 thoughts on “Taking a breather

  1. Go give a sandwich or something to a homeless person – some random act of kindness to get yourself balanced in the universe. Karma is a bitch. So sorry to hear about your chaos – the cockroaches give me the willies. Ugh. I passionately hate them.

    • Good idea on the act of kindness, I’ll keep an eye out for an opportunity.

      And the cockroaches, I passionately hate them as well. They are an unfortunately common issue in this area.

  2. If you asked my mother – a self-described “old hippy” who is very spiritual – she’d say you need to do a healing. She recently did a sage healing in her place of business. Nevertheless, since you’ve been back on WordPress you sound way more balanced and your attitude seems better – I’m enjoying your posts (I had followed you to Blogger and your posts were very different) – and I’m genuinely happy for you. Maybe a little healing and some introspection/meditation on where you are in your life right now – you know, just to show the universe that you’re paying attention. 🙂

    • I took some time this morning and have a few ideas. Definitely more introspection and meditation needed but part of me probably already knew and I’m starting to figure it out.

      As for the change of tone from blogger, you’re right and a couple readers have commented on that. I’ve even taken down a couple posts (something I hate to do) because they were pretty bad even by my low standards. Suffice it to say that I wasn’t in a… charitable place mentally when I moved back. I am in a better place now, though there’s going to apparently be a lot more meditation for a while.

  3. You come back from a country full of deadly animals without a scratch and now you’re swarming with bugs and getting hit by trucks?! Tsk tsk, better come back to us 😛

    If you want to talk about unfortunate incidents, I’m full of them. Last night in the middle on the night I went to pee outside (my bathroom is being renovated and the only other is at the opposite end of the house). I pee’d on my leg and foot. And then it started pouring rain. And then my dog who was standing inside the door gave me that look of ‘wtf are you doing’. I guess it was a bit of a role reversal.

    In conclusion, shit happens! Yeah the universe gives signs and I truly do believe in karma but sometimes its just the balance of life – good and bad, positive and negative.

    Yep totes just admitted to peeing on myself to make you feel better xx hugss

    • LOL, okay I feel a bit better about myself now.

      Yeah, somehow I managed to come back from one of the most dangerous continents on the planet without any life threatening injuries only to get blasted at home. Well, I’m still walking and writing so I’m feeling quite lucky at the moment.

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