Australia: Vivian

If you read the post about the big freaking spider you know I need to introduce Vivian.  Well, it’s more than just that one, pretty much every important story from Australia revolves around her.  When I’m on a trip I like to take notes about the little details that really make the moments, the specific words used, the order of the actions, and I have to say that my notes about my first night with Vivian are quite amusing.  It’s a condensed version of the following story and it makes me smile a lot to read the notes, remember, and write about it.

When I arrived in Australia, staying with Sharn for two weeks, it became apparent that she was going to be quite a bit busier with Cern than she originally thought.  She suggested that I spend a bit more time with her roommate, Vivian.  Well, she actually said that Vivian had told her that the only reason I was staying with them was to torture her.  She also said that if I was going to spend more time with Vivian to be careful with her, that she hadn’t had an easy year.

Vivian hadn’t been around a whole lot until that point, we’d had a few short conversations but that was about it.  She was cute, fun, and could hold a good conversation but I didn’t really know much about her.  I decided that should change.  (Just so you know, she’s read some of this blog and chose her own pseudonym for these posts.)

That night, Sharn went to bed a bit early, I was watching TV when Vivian came home.  I knew, like Sharn, Vivian was into Shibari, a Japanese form of rope bondage.  One of the reasons I’d gone to Australia was because of my interest in Shibari (Sharn also insisted that I learn it the “right” way), so that night I asked Vivian if she could show me a few things when she had some time.

I was somewhat surprised when Vivian immediately went downstairs and got her rope, it was already late and she had to work the next morning.  I had meant some time in general not necessarily right that minute but I certainly wasn’t going to complain.

She started out having me tie a few of the most basic knots around the suspension frame they had in their living room.  (Side note: how freaking cool is it that they have a suspension frame in their living room?)  I picked up the few knots pretty quickly.  I’d been a boy scout and done some different knot work previously, so it wasn’t too difficult.

I was flirting with her throughout the lesson.  She was really cute, kind of quiet, but also quite insistent that I get the knots right.  She took the tying very seriously, there were many times I readjusted the knot more than she liked and she’d insist I start over.

Once I had those down pretty well I asked what the next step would be.  She offered to show me her favorite tie though she warned it was a bit sexy.  That perked me right up.  She asked me to sit/lie on the floor and put my leg up.  I offered to take off my shorts, she blushed and said it wasn’t necessary.

She showed me the futomomo, the ankle is tied and then the calf and thigh are tightly wrapped together.  It completely immobilizes the leg and because of the way it’s wrapped any movement of that leg digs the ropes in deeper.  The essential tie didn’t seem all that complicated but many fun possibilities quickly came to mind, especially when she told me that she really liked being tied.

I was quite interested in practicing this on Vivian, and she was willing, but she was wearing a dress and apparently nothing on underneath.  That wasn’t a problem for me, I told her with a grin, but she said she was a bit shy and would need to change before we continued.  Okay.  She went downstairs and came back up in a nightie top and leggings.  She laid down on the floor next to me and I got the rope.

As I started tying an interesting change came over her.  She closed her eyes, laid really still, and her breathing deepened.  It was almost a meditative state, like she was closing out everything except the sensation of my hands and the rope tightening around her leg.  When a tie would tighten or I’d run my fingers under the rope to adjust it on her thigh, she’d gasp a little or her breathing would quicken.

As I got a bit friskier, Sharn’s warning came to mind.  I needed to be gentle with her.  Vivian seemed quite content at the moment but I told her to warn me if my hands “drifted” too much while I was tying.  Eyes still closed, she waved the comment away.


I became fascinated with watching her body as I wrapped the ropes around her.  When different strands tightened or were adjusted I could see her breathing change, her back arch a little.  When I ran my fingers under the ropes on her thighs she’d inhale a little sharper.

My hands began to drift a bit higher up her thigh, brushing lightly between her legs.

“You’re a natural,” she said.

“What next?” I asked when her leg was done.

“There’s another leg,” she said.  I grinned and got more rope.

I repeated the process on her second leg, this time paying far more attention to her body than to the ropes.  My technique was suffering but neither of us cared.

My hands continued drifting farther and farther.  By the end of the second futomomo I was fingering her through the leggings while alternately tugging the ropes on her thighs, increasing and decreasing the tension around her legs.

“Shouldn’t have worn the leggings,” she said.

“Well, I need the practice,” I said.  “Why don’t I undo these, you can take off the leggings and I’ll retie you?”


I could go into details about the process of retying the mostly naked Vivian, and the actions once she was, but I’m sure you can hazard a pretty good guess.  Lots of time with fingers and tongue that had nothing to do with rope.  She told me I was good with my hands, I took that as a big compliment.

After, she gave me an amazing blowjob.  I wouldn’t mention that except after I finished she looked up at me and said, “Welcome to Australia.”  We both burst into giggles at that.

We shared a cigarette once we calmed down.  It’d probably been at least a year since I’d smoked but it felt appropriate.

Until then I’d been sleeping on their couch, that night Vivian offered me a space in her bed.

As we curled up naked together I asked her how early she had to get up.  There’s always coffee and red bull, she said.  We didn’t get much, if any, sleep that night.  It was distracting being in bed with me, she said.  When her alarm clock went off the next morning I asked how much time before she had to leave.  About twenty minutes.  She ended up being over an hour late for work.

In later conversations I got the impression that she had been as interested in seducing me that night as I had been in seducing her.  We’d been on the same page and hadn’t even known it.

That was our first night together.  I still didn’t know that much about her, only that she was fun, smart, and sexy as hell.  Over the next two weeks I learned a lot more, all good things, and came to care for her for a lot more than how sexy she was and how good she was with ropes.  I’d been warned to be careful with her but I think I might have been the weaker of the two of us.

9 thoughts on “Australia: Vivian

  1. Our suspension frame in the living room rocks our worlds 😉

    However I’m glad you got a good rope lesson, what a way to begin it huh? 😀

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