Moving to Blogger

I was planning on making this move tomorrow but it seems like that’s about a day too late.  So, I’m moving up the plan to tonight.

It has been a wonderful 6 months on WordPress, I’ve read and interacted with many fantastic bloggers during my time here but it’s time to move back to my old stomping grounds.

WordPress makes connecting with other bloggers really, really easy… which is both good and bad.  It’s awesome to meet other writers who are in similar situations, that write about similar things, share ideas and whatnot.  On the other hand, the more people you connect with, the more people in your life, the more time it takes to keep and maintain those relationships.

There’s nothing wrong with any of that.

My problem is that for the last year I’ve been actively simplifying my life and removing complications.   I’m trying to focus on improving myself, using my time more productively.  I got rid of my TV because it wastes too much time.  I avoid social media in all it’s forms.  I would have deleted my Facebook account years ago except I have friends that only communicate there.

I have time every day that could be used for working out, meditating, writing, painting, martial arts, playing music and engaging in my many various hobbies, activities.  There are so many things that I want to DO with my life, why waste time on internet, tv, twitter or WordPress?  Sure, writing is important but WordPress makes it too easy to get sucked into all of the things except writing.  Blogger is far more straightforward.  It’s a far more misanthropic site, which is good for me right now.

The switch also helps me avoid the temptation to check up on what Ann’s doing.  I’m good with her doing what she needs to do, that doesn’t mean I want to read about it in detail.  It also gives her the space to write about whatever she wants without concerning herself with me reading it.

So, those of you interesting in following the future exploits of Johnny Id can jump over to

I’ll leave this blog up for a while, just so I don’t lose everything I’ve already written and the links to and from this blog still work.  I’m just deleting the login information and won’t be signing in anymore.

There are many of you that I will miss interacting with on a daily basis.  Don’t be a stranger.  Feel free to drop me a line on my contact me page or at

I hate goodbyes, so this is just a “see you later”.  Preferably with a stiff drink in hand.


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