What is blogging?

“Blog” is short for “Web-log”, an online log book.  For most of us it’s a kind of journal, a place to share recent events in our lives or what we’re thinking about.

So that’s what a blog is, maybe the more interesting question is why do we do it?  I mean, it’s one thing to have a journal or a friend to talk to, but why publish all of this?  Why put our inner most thoughts, feelings and experiences out there for the whole world to see?

Each of us probably have our own reasons.

For me, my blog is like a best friend, a journal, a collection of short stories and essays, and a therapist all rolled up into one.  Some stuff I just write for fun, other stories I write to record a memory, but the real stories are the most important.

I’ve often said that I don’t care how many people read my blog, I write only for myself.  I don’t care about approval or stats.  For me, it’s the publishing, not the reading, that’s important.  I’ll explain.

If I was writing a journal I’d probably be recording events and how they made me feel.  I wouldn’t have to get in depth or explain why I felt that way.  But if I’m publishing the story I have to sort through the scene, explain the characters and motivations, figure out how to explain the actions and reactions in a way that makes sense to someone who wasn’t actually there.

In other words, writing a post that’s going to be published forces me to be more introspective in my writing.  When I get introspective I understand it better myself, I process it more thoroughly.

For the really difficult stories mentally and emotionally, the more processing I have to do, the better.  I figure it out, write it down and let go of it.  It’s like a weight that gets lifted off my mind.  I break it all down, sort it out, figure out what’s important and what isn’t, write it down and let it go.

So, it doesn’t matter how many people read it, just that people can read it.

That’s why I web-log.  It is also why it doesn’t bother me to switch back to blogger where there are far fewer readers, commentators, and the bloggers are fewer and farther between.  Sure, the support and feedback is nice but that’s not why I blog.