Lone Saturday Night

I’m trying really hard not to be bummed out tonight.  It’s not working.  It’s been a long, emotional week with lots of ups and downs.  On any other Friday or Saturday night after a rough week I’d have a couple glasses of wine or a couple beers to dull the edges but this week I decided to abstain.  Completely.

The unfortunate side effect of abstaining is that I’m really, really bored.  I’m bummed out and bored.  I got a ton of errands done today, kept myself pretty busy, but it’s early evening and I have run out of things to occupy my time.  Sure, I could go out… but what evening activity on the weekend doesn’t involve copious amounts of alcohol?  I can even here the band playing at the bar down the block from here.  Ah, the sirens call.

So, I’m sitting in my apartment, alone, listening to my dog huff in her sleep and playing around on the internet.  I hate playing around on the internet.  It makes me feel like I’m a bored, bummed out loser with absolutely no life.  Which only reinforces the fact that I don’t have much of a life right now.

I mean, how much can I masturbate in a single night before I go blind?

Bummed, bored, and blind.

25 thoughts on “Lone Saturday Night

      • Is that like, with spaghetti? Or pasta?

        You know there’s a shit ton of awesome books out as well. Or some movies. I tend to watch my tv shows online in a great big binge sitting with 3-4 seasons at a time. No ads and no interruptions. Yes, I know, I have issues.

        Hope you found something to keep you occupied though!

      • And here I thought you were a girl who liked ropes and knots. Tsk tsk tsk.

        I’m just about out of good books and TV shows. Always open for suggestions.

      • Haha I do, my rope conditioning nights are weekly though 😉

        Hmm well what kind of books thrill you? I just finished watching 4 seasons of lost girl. It’s about a succubus. Think urban supernatural. It was entertaining. Plus it has soft porn. Girl on girl, girl on werewolf. Not as dodgy as true blood. Better story. Not sold on the dwarf but that could be my phobia talking.

      • I read just about anything as long as it isn’t romance or history and it’s well written. It’s kind of the same thing with TV shows, I’ll watch pretty much anything as long as it’s well written. No reality TV.

        What I should be doing is writing though. It’s just hard to write for too long, a couple hours and I’m burned out.

      • Haha ok so Outlander is out.

        Have you tried any of the Dresden files to read? Jim Butcher. He writes about a detective. Who is a wizard. It’s also entertaining.

        If you’ve never read anything terry pratchett or Neil gaiman, then you have to have to read good omens. They wrote a chapter each in a backwards and forwards collaboration. I had tears from laughing. Apocalyptic giant fuck up. Two of my favourite authors writing in amazing style!

        And re your own writing. I’m the same. I have to walk away and do other stuff before coming back to it. I don’t k ow what it is, kinda like jitters.

      • I’ve read almost every book by all three of those authors, Butcher, Pratchett, and Gaiman. The Dresden files are some of my favorites, really fun but still well written. And Good Omens is one of my favorite books of all time.

        Other favorites are A. Lee Martinez, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Jeffrey Deaver, Robert Asprin, Robert Jordan, Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child, Michael Crichton, and just about every one in between. I tend to find a favorite and then read every book they’ve written that I can get my hands on.

        The writing stuff, it’s like the creative muscle burns out after a couple hours. I write until I can’t anymore… then I have to give it a day to recover until I can write again.

      • hahaha well shit Johnny.

        We like mostly the same authors.

        Ok, so that’s a tap out. What about Robin Hobb? She’s pretty awesome, her liveship series, etc are pretty spectacular 🙂

        Would you believe the only Stephen King novel I’ve been able to finish was his one on Insomnia? The rest I got too spooked out. I think I need someone to read them to me so I can hide at the appropriate bits. I may have to add this into my dating profile: Must be able to read scary books to me when I’m too scared to read them myself.

        So in that light then have you read anything about the parasol series? Again, along the Butcher lines but more steam punk meets Victorian meets detecting – but with a female lead. I enjoyed them but that could be because I have boobs and was delighted with a female no nonsense character 😀

      • Robin Hobb? The live ship series was good, but I liked the Assassin’s Apprentice series better. Both are good though. 😉

        I read. A lot.

        Never read the Parasol series though. I’ll look that one up. Nothing wrong with a strong female lead.

        Stephen Kind is my favorite author. He proved to me that you can be a fantastically talented writer and still write stories that people will read. Most “literature” doesn’t appeal to a large audience, what King does is write stories that appeal to many people but are still really well done. That’s not common.

        And, yes, they are scary. I like that about them too. Though they’ve definitely led to a few sleepless nights.

      • Yes and the Fools series was good too. And Ian Irvine wasn’t too bad, I liked his The view from the Mirror series.

        Parasol Collectorate is written by Gail Carringer. She’s one of my new favourites 🙂

        Also I have a soft spot for Anne Bishop’s books too.

        And you’re so right, the thing is I love me a scary story, except obviously I fail at being able to keep reading on my own!! Which is why Stephen King is awesome in that regard. I’ve read quite a few Dean Koontz and not had the same reaction to Stephen King. I mean it’s his fault I have a bloody clown phobia.

      • Those are a couple names I’m not familiar with, I’ll have to check them out.

        Yeah, I’ve read a lot of Dean Koontz, I consider him the other side of the coin with Stephen King. King is the better writer but Koontz has catchier stories. If only the two of them would team up for a book

        And clown phobias are entirely justifiable, especially after reading IT.

      • Oh Yay! Introduction of new authors. If you read them let me know what you think.

        I can’t wait for exams to be over so I can get back into some books. Might have to hit you up for new material 🙂

        You think? It’s been ages since I read Dean Koontz, might have to reacquaint myself at some point.

        Thank you. Finally someone who gets it. And let’s not even delve into clown midgets. Good gods.

      • I’m always up for new authors, I’ll let you know what I think when I get around to them. And I’m always happy to offer suggestions if anyone is looking for new books or authors to read.

        Kind sometimes has a weak premise but always writes a good book. Koontz is always entertaining if a little fluffy at times. It’s like the different between the book you keep in the bathroom and the book that you can’t put down on your night stand.

        Just say no to midget clowns. 😉

      • Yeah, I think if they did a collaboration aka pratchett & gaiman we might be in for a treat!

        So what do you think of the disc world series? They are my all time favourites. Out of everything.

  1. Johnny, it’s like I always say, “I’ll only do it until I need glasses.”

    Not trying to be mean here Johnny but as a self-proclaimed marriage consular, that unless you two are getting off on the pain and I don’t think you are. IMHO you both need to agree that you love each other deeply but have irreconcilable differences. I read both your blogs and emphasize for both of you and know that you are both good people but have different needs and wants. If you can’t find a common ground and lord knows you’ve both tried then for the sake of everyone concerned you need to call it a day and move on. As Dr. Phil would say, “Tough Love!” but every day that you both beat your self up is another day that no one is happy. It will be tough but you have to believe that you will both find someone else that everything clicks with. Take a Prozac and take the dog for a walk along the beach.

    • Yes, I always take advice from “self-proclaimed marriage consular”s very, very seriously. I’d also like to point out that Ann isn’t mentioned once in this post. It’s about me, not her or us. But I appreciate the perspective.

  2. Well my eyes *are* starting to go funny.. Dammit.

    Read a book? Preferably about someone who has a tough life, like a refugee or someone who has escaped from north Korea. Then you’ll appreciate life more and end up feeling bummed for them instead 🙂

    Ps I was totally bored with my life when I moved away from friends for a job opportunity. So I started a fetish list, a sucket list, starting a thing with a sugar daddy friend etc etc. And as always, I travel on a whim. And started learning a language (there’s a free app called Duolingo which is great). Turns out I’m not bored anymore. You’re never to old to have goals – write up a list of things you want to do and bloody well do them.

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