The little victories

You know it’s been a rough week when I feel like dancing just because I got to do my dishes.

One of the many, many issues that I’ve had over the past week is that my kitchen sink decided to suddenly stop draining.  At all.  That might not be such a big deal except I don’t have a dish washer or anywhere else to do my dishes.  No clean dishes means no cooking.  No cooking means no healthy food to eat, and as I don’t eat gluten or dairy it’s really hard to find anything processed to eat.  Hardly any food and no healthy food means it’s really hard to maintain a decent blood sugar level.

One clogged drain led to a cascade of failures that was making life incredibly difficult.

I tried drain cleaners, plungers, all the common fixes.  Nothing worked.

Over the course of the week I studied every DIY home plumbing website I could find.  I got out the flashlights and pulled everything in the kitchen and bathroom apart.  I figured out the style of plumbing, the pipe routing and mapped it all out.

As a guy who works on electrical components, I was pleased to find that plumbing is similar in many ways though slightly less complex.  It’s logical, the physics are different but there’s still a certain way it all flows together (pun intended).

Once I had a complete map I could eliminate the different branches based on what portions of the plumbing worked and which didn’t.  I found the specific area where the problem had to be, pulled the pipes apart, cleaned them out and put them back together again.

plumber s

Voila!  The kitchen sink drained.  I did a little dance in the kitchen.

Then I spent an hour washing the massive pile of dirty dishes that had been so impatiently waiting.  I don’t think I’ve ever be so excited to do dishes, to see the bubbly water swirl around the sink and smoothly run down the drain.

Sometimes you just have to take a moment and enjoy the little victories.

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