Words and dreams

Three nights ago I had a strange dream.  I was chatting with Ann and suddenly all the words turned into gibberish.  I’d try to write something and it wouldn’t make any sense, she would respond with something that doesn’t make any sense.  “Purple rhinoceros box kicked flute”.  The dream was so vivid that I was absolutely positive that when I checked my phone in the morning it would show evidence that I’d been sleep texting all night.  There wasn’t.

Last night I was chatting with Ann and we reached a special place.  We both bared everything, exchanging really long messages and stories.  We were full of humility, understanding, and forgiveness.  It felt we finally found common ground and really connected again on a deeper level.  It felt really, really good.

Then I woke up.  My phone was empty.

I can’t help but think that my subconscious was trying to give me a clue.  It’s as though there were special words in the dream that would make everything better if I could just remember them, but like all dreams as soon as I woke up the words got all blurry.  

2 thoughts on “Words and dreams

  1. not sure that I can “like” this post but I can hope. Hope for some resolution and peace for you and for Ann. You both deserve happiness. As individuals and as I’m sure others here hope, together. imho

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