Sex Injuries

There have been a couple times that sex ended up being less pleasurable than painful.  Twice, I’ve almost had to make a hospital visit after fooling around.

The first time:

When Cat and I were newlyweds we lived in a tiny cabin on the outskirts of our small home town.  It was also on the edge of the state graveyard, I’ve got a few ghost stories which I’ll probably write about some time.

Like most newlyweds, we were fucking constantly.  As a twenty year old, that was about as good as I thought life could be.  At that point, Cat had never had an orgasm but she was still eager in the bedroom.  We were working on her problems together but she didn’t mind them.  She as focused on perfecting her own technique and wanted to practice on me at every opportunity.

One night, Cat was on top of me and riding me fast.  Really fast.  We were on the edge of the bed, my legs hanging off.  She was just going as fast as physically possible, like she was trying to win a prize.

I was getting close when she shifted her hips slightly and I violently popped out of her.  Usually, that’s not a big deal, you just put it back in and keep going.  Not this time.  Popping out of a woman when she’s riding you at 300 mph is an extremely painful experience.

Immediately I was in agony.  It felt like someone had just hit my dick with a cricket bat.  My eyes rolled back in my head, I almost started crying.  Cat hadn’t fared any better than me, a hard cock ripping out of her vag was extraordinarily painful.

We both froze in pain for several minutes, her on top of me, both of us gasping and wincing.

When the sharp, stabbing pain faded to just stinging we started laughing.  What a ridiculous experience.  It hurt so badly neither of us were remotely interested in trying to continue.  It felt like someone had sand-blasted my dick, I’m sure it was the same for her insides.

Cat flopped down on the bed next to me and we both stared at the ceiling, still chuckling.

A minute later Cat looked over at me.  She had a concerned look on her face and told me that she was still really wet.  But not wet as in aroused, wet like she might be bleeding.  Worried about her, I got down between her legs and spread her lips open with my fingers.

She was filled with blood, it was everywhere and running down onto the bed.

Luckily, I’m not one of those guys that’s particularly squeamish when it comes to blood and vaginas.  Though I have to admit, the amount was a little staggering.  I jumped up from the bed and grabbed a roll of toilet paper out of the bathroom.  Carefully, I wiped away the blood.

Cat had a one-inch long cut just inside the lips of her pussy.  I had popped out of her so hard that I’d cut her.  And it wouldn’t stop bleeding.  Between the proximity of blood vessels and her own natural wetness, as soon as I wiped the blood away it was back again.

After a few minutes of unsuccessful cleaning, I started to get concerned.  If it didn’t stop on it’s own I was going to have to take her to the emergency room for stitches, or whatever else they do for damaged insides.

er visit s

Cat laughed at the prospect of an ER visit, she thought that would be hilarious.  I wasn’t so sure.  Yeah, that’d be a funny story to tell the ER doc but in a town as small as ours it would have gotten around to all our friends and family in about two hours.

Luckily, the blood slowly stopped flowing.  I cleaned her up one more time and called it good.

We were both relieved.

We had to take a few days off of our newlywed fucking routine, but the vagina heals surprisingly quickly and soon we were back at it.

The Second Time:

When Ann and I were on our first vacation together we were going at it like rabbits.  Really horny rabbits.

One morning we came back from breakfast intending on grabbing a few things and heading out for the day.  It didn’t quite work out that way.

Ann was leaning up against the foot board of the bead, looking all sexy.  I walked up to her and started kissing her.  She was a little hesitant at first but warmed up when my hands started getting more frisky.

I got down on my knees in front of her and pushed her skirt up to her hips, revealing her purple panties.  With two fingers I slid them down over her hips, her thighs and down to the floor.

I lifted her left leg up and out, giving me access to all of her.  For the next few minutes I licked, sucked, and held that leg up.

After a bit, my arm started to get tired but I was having too much fun to stop.

Then my back started to feel weird.  I never have back problems but I was leaning in at a weird angle and unbalanced because I was holding that leg up.  It started as a kind of numbness that gradually got worse.

Next thing I knew, it felt like someone stabbed my spine with a hot poker.

I froze, back screaming in pain.

Very slowly I edged away from Ann’s crotch and lowered her leg down to the floor.  The pain didn’t stop, though it did diminish a degree or two.  My eyes were watering, I could barely see.  I was positive that if I reached behind me I’d find a handle of a knife or something sticking out of my spine.

Ann asked if I was okay.  I explained about my back and asked her to give me a moment.  She did.

After a while it faded to a twingey, spikey ache.  That was good enough for me, I stood up and bent her over the foot board.  My back was far from good but the horny overrode the pain.

For the next day or so if I moved wrong the hot poker would be jabbing me again.  I had to really, really be careful.  Every time we messed around, I had to pay special attention that I was in a good, ergonomic position.  It was really stubborn, getting only slightly better each day but taking two steps backwards if I moved wrong.

I was worried that I had really hurt myself but I was really careful and by the end of the vacation I was back to normal.

With the amount of sex I’ve had, the many different things I’ve tried, it shouldn’t surprise me that I have two stories about sexual injuries.  Maybe I’ve been really lucky because I only have two.

7 thoughts on “Sex Injuries

  1. I thought I had a concussion after my best friend’s wedding. My ex husband and I weren’t married yet, we were roommates who fucked basically. He decided he loved me that night. After a very large bottle of crown split between us he not so gracefully tossed me onto the cheap hotel bed, trying to be sexy. However, he was an athlete and I guess I’m lighter than I looked because I just flew into the wall. It was the strangest sensation, I was sure I was bleeding…like I felt like blood was running down my head but it wasn’t. I was dizzy but also very drunk. Actually, from now on I’m going to tell everyone that I married him after injuries from a blow to the head left me brain damaged. I think that shall go on the “list of stuff to write about” also. 🙂 fun post!

    • Lol. There should be a check list before people are allowed to apply for marriage. 1) are you on drugs? 2) have you been drinking heavily? 3) have you recently sustained any blows to the head?

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