Visiting Ann: the Ex and more sex

**I recently returned from spending ten fantastic days with Ann St Vincent.  These posts about the visit aren’t going to be in any specific order, there is too much to write on too many topics.  So, don’t look at these like one long story, they are more like post cards or snap shots from a fantastic trip.**

One of the things about visiting Ann that might have been really awkward was meeting her ex-husband.

Ann set up a good schedule beforehand but at least once we would be picking up or dropping off her son with the ex.  Sure, I could have made an excuse and bowed out but the purpose of the trip was to see how well Ann and I got along with each other in our normal lives, meeting the people in her life was one part of that. He might be her ex but he’s also the father of her son and will obviously play some role in her life for the foreseeable future. We needed to know if we could get along.

I wasn’t too nervous about meeting him.  Ann and I talk a lot, I knew she had a pretty good relationship with her ex and that he had been dating another woman for a while.  It wasn’t likely that there were going to be any emotional outbursts or drama.  I was also really curious to meet the man that I’d heard so much about, put a face to the stories.  That said, I wasn’t chomping at the bit either.  If he and I didn’t get along for some reason, that could be problematic when I move there.

My first weekend in town with Ann we had some plans with her son in the afternoon, then we were scheduled to drop him off with his father that evening.

That morning was Legos and a Quickie.  Then we spent the afternoon running around and having fun.  It was a really hot day so we all tired out pretty early.  By mid-afternoon her son was all tuckered out and ready to go to his dad’s.

When we got to Ann’s ex’s house, her son ran up to the front door and rang the bell.  We were expected, so within a few seconds Ann’s ex came outside.  I was immediately surprised… which doesn’t happen often.

Ann’s ex was a tall-ish, paunchy dude.  If asked for one word to describe him I would say he was “soft”.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but “soft” isn’t really a complimentary term in my book.

Ann is far from soft, she’s strong, confident, independent, and successful.  They were married for fifteen years so I assumed that her ex would have to be her equal.  But no, he was… soft.  He was tentative, polite, inoffensive, and… actually quite feminine in his mannerisms.  That surprised me quite a bit.

A while ago, Ann told me that many of her friends and family thought he might be gay.  I thought that was kind of funny but that it was probably an exaggerated explanation for why their marriage had been so sex-less.  “She’s a hottie! He must be gay if he isn’t all over her!”  But after meeting him, I realized that it was more than lack of sex in the marriage, his feminine mannerisms could easily lead people to think he was actually in the closet.

Personally, I’m not going to vote one way or the other but I could certainly understand why they might get that impression.  You know all the bad, stereotypical behaviors of gay characters on TV?  Kind of nasally voice, talks with the hands, etc. Yeah, he did all of that.  But at the same time, he’s got a kid, was very interested in sex when Ann and him were first dating, and he’s got a girlfriend now, so if he is gay he’s so far in the closet he’s out the back and playing heterosexual pretty well.

Watching him with Ann though, that was interesting in a not-so-pleasant way.  It was kind of like getting a glimpse into the past, into a troubled marriage, and I could see how unhealthy it must have been.  He struck me as a profoundly unhappy person who took it out on others with petty comments and not-so-subtle implications.  It made me wonder how Ann could have put up with that for 15 years, but  I guess when you’re in the situation it’s hard to see how abnormal the behavior is.  I was certainly in my own unhealthy marriage for years.

He was kind of dismissive of my presence without quite getting to the point of rudeness, but I expected that.  No one wants to dwell on their ex’s new partner, so he was polite but a little distant.

After a few minutes of back and forth, Ann and I extricated ourselves and drove back to her house.

It had been a long day and a hot one.  We were exhausted, a nap was exactly what we needed.  Ann opened all the windows and the door to provide a breeze.  It helped, a little.  We took off our clothes and climbed into bed.

Yeah… naked together in bed, for Ann and I that rarely led to sleep.

As tired as we were, I figured a little light play was still in order.  I started playing with her, teasing her pussy and the rest of her body with my fingers.  I sucked on her nipples and caressed her curves.

I figured we’d get each other off in a “lazy Sunday morning” kind of way before falling asleep.

I was somewhat surprised at our own enthusiasm as we got more aroused.  Instead of a laid back quickie and a nap we ended up in a passionate embrace.  Soon we were grabbing at each other, frantic and hungry.

We started in a slow, laid back missionary which gradually got much harder.  I pressed myself up off the bed and leveraged my whole body into each thrust.  But that wasn’t hard enough either, so we moved to doggy style.

Ann loves doggy style, the harder the better.  I’m a runner, I’m good at ignoring my body and pushing it past the limits.  This time we ended up having what Ann called “Ironman” sex, as hard as possible for as long as possible.  Each thrust was hard as I could, my body trembled with the effort. I ignored the weakness in my legs and kept going.  Forty-five minutes of violent sex, covered in sweat, Ironman indeed.

ironman s

When we finally finished, both having cum, moaning together, exhausted, we separated and flopped down on the bed.  It was so hot and we were so sweaty we could hardly stand to touch each other.  My legs were jello and the rest of me tingled with pleasure.  There was a huge wet spot from our combined sweat, the exertion, and the heat.  We laughed about it.

It wasn’t the first or last time we had to change the sheets.

Afterwards, neither of us were tired.  We’d gone to bed exhausted and the sex somehow re-energized us despite the effort involved.  We never did get a nap.  It actually became a running joke for the rest of the trip, are we taking a “nap” or getting some sleep?

Playing with her kid, meeting her ex, fantastic sex, it was a hell of a day.

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