Long Distance Support

One of the things that’s so frustrating about long distance relationships is they are… long distance.  So many of the little things that we take for granted in regular relationships get really obvious and difficult when you’re so far apart.  You can’t hold each other’s hands, you can’t curl up at night with each other, you can’t do all the little sweet things for your partner when they have a rough day.

My love has hit a rough patch and there’s only so much I can do from here.  Were I there in person I’d hold her, tell her how wonderful she is, how sexy she is, I’d take her to bed early and give her a long massage.  I’d kiss her all up and down her body, whispering sweet nothings.  If she was up for sex, I’d leave her sweating, trembling, and utterly satisfied.  If she didn’t feel up for sex I’d wrap my arms around her, pull our bodies together tightly, and let her fall asleep in my embrace.

But I can’t do any of that from long distance.

So…  What can I do?

I can send her flowers.

flowers s

Chocolate wishes

chocolate s

I can send her virtual hugs and kisses.

hugs and kisses s

I can tell her how much I love her

IheartAnn s flowers and shit s

I can tell her how happy I am when I am with her, how comfortable we are together, how wonderful she is.

happy couple 2 s

(This is my all time favorite drawing)

I can tell her how sexy she is, how I can barely keep my hands off of her when we’re close.  Just seeing the pictures she sends me, or seeing her on video chat, I want to run my hands all over her body and pull her closer to me.  She’s a beautiful woman, gorgeous, and very sexy.

I want to hold her, kiss her, make her smile, and worship the ground she walks on.  I want to tell her that she’s a strong, beautiful, confident, intelligent, amazing, and wonderful woman.  She deserves to be pampered.  She deserves foot rubs, hand holding, public shows of affection, breakfasts in bed, candle lit dinners and all the romancing in the world.  I want to tell her that she deserves happiness and joy, laughter and smiles, and I will do whatever I can to give those to her for as long as she will let me.

I love you, babe.

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