Visiting Ann: a cock block and a party pt 3

**I recently returned from spending ten fantastic days with Ann St Vincent.  These posts about the visit aren’t going to be in any specific order, there is too much to write on too many topics.  So, don’t look at these like one long story, they are more like post cards or snap shots from a fantastic trip.**

A cock block and a party pt 1

A cock block and a party pt 2

When I ran out of excuses to hang out in the kitchen Ireluctantly moved into the crowds at the party to socialize.  I’ve never been a big fan of large parties, they’re not really my thing.  But… Ann wanted me to meet her friends, I wanted to make a good impression, so I sucked it up and stepped out.

Honestly, this party was kind of a risky thing for me.  Ann knew how little I liked parties, large groups of people, she had originally planned a small get together but it kept growing.  There were all these people she wanted me to meet and it just made sense to do as much of the meeting as possible all at once.  We only had ten days, neither of us wanted to have a dozen meet-n-greets scattered throughout our time together.  But I don’t like parties.  It became something of a joke between the two of us.  Out of all the things we did have scheduled, meeting her ex, the threesome, meeting her parents, the party was the only thing that made me nervous.

Fortunately, Ann has awesome friends.  Ann is almost a decade older than me, most of her guests were older than me, I’m pretty sure I was the youngest person at the party.  It could have easily been awkward but somehow it wasn’t.  Everyone was really nice, friendly, and the conversations were easy. Continue reading