Stick with me, babe

I still have a few more posts in the works about my visit with Ann, but had some fun inspiration today.

Those of you who have been reading know I really don’t care about stats at all, I write purely for myself, but I am also a bit addicted to puzzles.  I’m always looking for patterns and cycles.   So, sometimes it’s fun to look at my stats as a tool to examine reader behavior and interests.  In other words, I don’t care how many views I get but I’m very interested in human behavior, so what posts interest readers interests me.

Recently, I noticed a bit of a spike.  Well, spike is an understatement.


On August 28th I received more views than ever before.  It doubled my previous best, 309 vs 145.

Now, the next big question is what did I post on August 28th that attracted so much attention?

In answer to part of that question, I put up two posts that day, What’s acceptable online, and A Lovely Blog Award… but strangely, neither of those two posts received very many views.

8-31-14 4

If you look at the posts that received the most views, they’re all older posts written about Ann.

Then, if you look to the left in that picture you’ll see that most of my readers clicked over directly from Ann St. Vincent‘s blog.

If you look at Ann’s blog on the 28th, she wrote What My Boyfriend has to say about about all this.  It was about all the posts I’d written about the visit and she posted links to them.

So, Ann posting about me and providing links more than doubled my regular traffic.  When you see the traffic before and after the 28th, you can see the drastic difference.

Ann’s blog is awesome, I’m one of her biggest fans, so I completely understand her popularity.  But it’s also something I tease her about a bit.  I frequently call her a “celebrity”, in a loving way of course.

The only unfortunate side effect of me not caring about my popularity is that Ann probably doesn’t get much of a bump when I link to her posts.  But then, she’s amazing enough on her own that she doesn’t need any help from me when it comes to readers.

When I showed those screen shots to Ann she laughed and joked back, “Stick with me, babe.  LOL”


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