The Lovely Blog Award


I’m going to take a brief break from all of my Visiting Ann posts to do something a little different.  Don’t worry, there are still plenty of fun stories from the trip and they’ll all get posted soon.  I just need a few short moments to acknowledge an award, Johnny Id style.


While “lovely” is not a word I would ever use to describe Id’s Redbook, because I was nominated by the wonderful Ann St. Vincent I will graciously accept the award.  Well, “gracious” is another word I wouldn’t use to describe this blog, maybe “ludicrous”, “ridiculous”, or “harmful for persons under the age of 21”?  However, because it is the amazing Ann I will try to accept as “graciously” as I can.

I was nominated by Ann in her post I now have a Lovely Blog Award.  Yes, the nomination was put up quite a while ago but I’ve been otherwise occupied -with Ann- until now, so hopefully she’ll forgive me.  I could have spent more time online while I was with her but somehow I think delaying the post was the appropriate solution. Continue reading

What’s acceptable online?

What’s kind of ironic is that this post was started days ago and recent events have just added further incentive to finish it.

When I wonder what’s appropriate online, my first thought is whether or not it’s something that I would say to someone’s face.   Or, how would I feel if the roles were reversed?  This post I’m writing, who could be offended?  Is this something I would tell them in person?  This comment on a post I’m writing, is that something I would say to someone’s face?

If I said this to someone in person, would I get punched in the face?  Or vice versa.

I see a lot of stuff online that wouldn’t pass any of those tests (or shouldn’t, at least).  I see it and wonder what the hell is wrong with people.  Sexist, racist, disrespectful, hateful comments that people would never (should never) say to each other in real life. Continue reading