Visiting Ann: 2-0, jacuzi pt 2

**I recently returned from spending ten fantastic days with Ann St Vincent.  These posts about the visit aren’t going to be in any specific order, there is too much to write on too many topics.  So, don’t look at these like one long story, they are more like post cards or snap shots from a fantastic trip.**

Continued from pt 1.

After our long, frustrating, sex-less drive we finally made it to our destination, a small town outside of Ann’s city.  We made our way through a few tourist attractions.  We had some fun and took some sickeningly cute selfies that won’t be shared here.

After the attractions it was starting to get dark so we made our way back to the hotel.  Ann had done some thorough research on the hotel and informed me that there was an outdoor jacuzzi.  And it was open late.   After some searching, wandering around the hotel in swim suits and bath robes, we found it.

The two other couples in the jacuzzi were leaving as we arrived.  Perfect.  Obviously, our intent was to mess around, the fewer patrons the better.  We entered the warm waters, watched the other patrons leave, and moved to the far end.  We kissed and cuddled in the hot water, our wet bodies sliding all over each other.  She sat on my lap, my arms wrapped around her, my hand sliding under her suit bottom.  Ann was wearing a two piece bathing suit, my fingers quickly found their way under her bottoms and into her pussy.

I’m pretty familiar with all of Ann’s most sensitive places, I’ve gleefully studied them in detail.  I know what she likes, how she likes it, and the fastest way to give her an orgasm.  I used every trick I knew, plucked every string, fingers inside of her.

Unfortunately, within a few minutes of the last patrons leaving, a new crop took their place.  Three young couples piled in.  They were obnoxious, loud, and were drinking heavily.

My fingers didn’t stop.

I loved the idea of providing Ann that much pleasure and her having to try and hide it from the others.  My fingers went into over-drive, I rubbed and tickled all her most sensitive spots.  She writhed at my touch.  As much as she tried to hide it from the other bathers I could tell how much she was enjoying it.  Her hips rolled against my hand, her breath was quick in my ear.

As Ann neared orgasm, she grabbed my hand and stopped it’s motions.  It was too much for her with an audience.  We made our way out of the pool, between the other swimmers, back to our room.

As soon as we were behind closed doors we got naked and into the bed.  Ann jumped on top of me and started to ride as though her life depended on it.

She had been close in the jacuzzi, it shouldn’t have taken much to bring her to orgasm.  Unfortunately, the bed decided to interfere.

The hotel bed wasn’t attached to the headboard and the frame rocked easily, freely.  Obviously, it wasn’t a bed designed to fuck in.  As Ann was riding, every time she got close to orgasm, her thrusts would get harder and the bed would react.  So close and yet the bed’s rocking didn’t match ours, it cancelled out the movements.  The bed’s movement disrupted every one of her orgasms.

After a few close-but-no-cigar moments for Ann, we moved to the hotel room’s couch.  That was slightly better, but not terrific.  Again, I tried every trick I knew but Ann was beyond frustrated at that point.  Nothing.  She was too worked up mentally and at the same time too tired from the hot water to cum.

I would have happily called it a night but Ann was determined that at least one of us was going to have a good time.  We went back to the bed and Ann pulled out one of the other sex toys she bought me, the Tenga Egg (Sex toys, Bacon and Fudge).

I laid on the bed and Ann used the Egg on me.  Yeah, that was pretty awesome.  When I got close to orgasm, I realized I needed a little more pressure against the base of my cock.  I grabbed Ann’s hand and shoved it down, hard.  The tip of my cock burst through the end of the Egg.  It didn’t completely ruin the toy but it definitely delayed the orgasm.  We weren’t having great luck that night but we didn’t stop.

Ann kept playing and eventually I came, her hand and the egg providing the stimulation.

Afterwards, I mentioned that I was very frustrated with the orgasm ratio for the day.  Between the blow job earlier (pt 1) and the egg-job, I came twice that day but Ann hadn’t cum at all.  Compared to the ratio on every single other day we spent together, that was terrible.  2-0 compared to 2-10?

The ratio discrepancy didn’t bother Ann at all, it was what it was and she didn’t mind.  It probably didn’t hurt that every other day the ratio was firmly in her favor.

As displeased at the ratio as I was, I rapidly fell asleep in her arms.

The next morning we slept in until 9 am.  It would have been later but 9 am was when our “breakfast in bed” was delivered.  The knock on the door woke us up.  We had decided that a breakfast in bed was worth the extra cost.  That way we could lounge in bed all morning, we didn’t have to leave each other’s arms and get dressed to visit the buffet.

As we were eating breakfast, Ann told me that she planned to write a post on the “the fucking unfuck-in-able bed“.  After her frustrations the night before the title had popped into her head and she was going to write about it.

unfuck bed s

Unfuck-in-able bed?  A bed you can’t fuck in?  Hmmm…

I took that as a challenge.  I mentioned in the previous post, I don’t take challenges lying down… unless the challenge involves lying down.  You say this bed is impossible to fuck in?  Oh, I’ll prove you wrong.  And I did.

The bed had it’s own weird rhythm, it bounced and moved quite easily.  Rather than fighting the movement, I matched pace with it. We had some very good sex in that unfuck-in-able bed, very vigorous and enthusiastic.  Ann had several very nice orgasms.

We actually went on so long that we were late for our hotel check out.  Once we finished we had to frantically shower, pack up our things, and rush to the counter.

While rushing out of the hotel, panting and quite satisfied, I smiled at Ann.  We’d only been awake for a couple hours and already the ratio was better than the day before.  We were back on track.

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