Traveling pet peeve: no-food flights

I got off a five hour flight, during which absolutely no food was offered, not even the snacks you have to pay for, not even peanuts. I had a short layover and had only a few minutes to grab food before the next leg. All the restaurants were packed… all except the vegan restaurant. You might not know this, but I have a fairly healthy diet, so vegan isn’t an issue for me. Or at least, that’s what I thought. I grabbed a breakfast burrito full of a variety of healthy foods in it and scarfed it down on my way to the gate. Everything was great… for about an hour. By then, I was I was all loading up on the next plane.
Let’s just say I crop-dusted the entire first class section and had a captive audience to my stomachs gastrous issues for the next three hours.
So, airlines, take the lesson, by not offering food you’re only punishing yourselves. And anyone within about forty feet of me while flying.


6 thoughts on “Traveling pet peeve: no-food flights

  1. Totally with you on that – I still remember back in the day traveling with a just-under-two lap child while two months pregnant. I did my best to load up on water and granola bars and things that wouldn’t go bad before my 6-hour Northwest flight from Fairbanks to Minneapolis. Well, I did my best to ration the water but it was all gone 2 hours into the flight. And with a not-quite-two-year-old sleeping on me, I couldn’t exactly go pester the staff for water as much as I wanted. They did have food available, but only trail mix; compared to the meat and fruit I actually needed, this was highly unsatisfying. On top of that, they didn’t play any music through the headphone jacks in the seats, they had screens but didn’t use them at all (except for the safety video), and of course I had my hands full and couldn’t read the book I brought.

    That was one. miserable. flight. At the end of it I was one dehydrated, hungry, pissed-off pregnant woman. Prisoners of war held by the US get treated better than this, and I just paid $900 to be treated worse than an animal. So I just do my best to spread the word and will NEVER fly Northwest again.

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