Traveling pet peeve: androgynous in sweats

To the cute-ish, maybe, person in the gray, university sweats, short hair, and stylishly thick glasses. I can’t tell if you’re a girlish boy or a boyish girl, this makes me slightly uncomfortable because I’m not sure whether it’s ok to think you’re cute. Comfortable attire is totally understandable at the airport while traveling, but maybe you could choose sweats in a color that helps fellow travelers determine your gender, it’ll be easier on all of us, avoid potential embarrassment, and help stop me from questioning my sexuality.


4 thoughts on “Traveling pet peeve: androgynous in sweats

  1. Hahahahahahahahaha this is great.
    Well maybe sometimes when you are looking at a cute girl, she’s actually in transition and still has a dick in her pants. I think just perve on who you want, what’s in the pants is only an issue if you’re planning on *going in the pants* and what you don’t know doesn’t kill you šŸ˜› Perving is just the appreciation of the body parts that you can see šŸ™‚

  2. Who cares what’s in the pants dear?

    Perv away and enjoy the view.

    I have such a hard on for the androgynous types…

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