Dumb, 50 shades movie

It’s not surprising to see a major motion picture company trying to cash in on the success of 50 Shades of Gray by turning it into a movie.  I find it a very curious situation though… when was the last time any erotica was so popular that they tried to turn it into a movie?  I can’t think of any other examples.

My question though is if it’s not NC-17 or XXX rated, what’s the point?  Two hours of soft core BDSM?  Wait, wait, wait… is someone going to argue that the story line of the erotic novels are good enough to keep a plot moving without graphic sex scenes?  No?

Now, I’ve never read the books and have absolutely no intention to.

1) Anything that sent my ex and her girlfriends into high-school-girl titters won’t be high on my reading list.  (That’s the same reason I’ve never seen/watched any of the Twilight stories)

2) It’s trendy, which I generally try and avoid.  Not because I’m some counter-culture dude (I kinda am), but because big businesses take out anything actually artistic so it will appeal to the widest possible audience.

3) I’ve never heard a positive review about the books themselves.  Sure, the sexy stuff was popular but what about the story, character development, plot, sub-themes, etc.?  The only good things I’ve heard about the books were the sex scenes, everything else has been universally criticized (and the sex scenes weren’t lauded as wel written either, they were popular for other reasons if you catch my drift).

So, without the graphic sex, what’s the point?

That said, if Ann really wanted to see it I would take her.  Why?  Because it just about guarantees sex afterwards.

That’s the only reason guys ever watch these movies, they make women wet.  So, ladies, take that lesson to heart.  If you ever want your man to watch some cheesy chick flick, or soft-core BDSM, just tell him how horny it will make you and he’ll sit through anything.


8 thoughts on “Dumb, 50 shades movie

  1. LOL! I am not defending the series (either 50 Shades or Twilight), but I read it and liked it. I learned more about BDSM mentality (and vampires 😛 ) and it made me more curious about erotic things. Also, there was character development, otherwise I would never have picked up the following books to read them (for the record, I really hated the way that Twilight ended! but I liked the end 50 Shades)

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