Naked Thursday #15

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There are some things that not real good to do on Naked Thursdays, other things work out pretty well.

Naked video camera s

One of the things that works out well is buying that fancy new video camera you’ve been drooling over.

You want to do some home videos?  Naked home videos.  You want to make a sex tape?  Naked sex tape.   Want to catch your kid’s soccer game on video?  …Ok, you might not want to do this one on Thursday.  Parents tend to have pretty conservative views of naked people around their kids.

Even better than one camera, you could buy and set up dozens.

You could rig up your house like it is going to be the next Big Brother house.  Capture your entire life on video tape, ever wrinkle and fart.  After a few Naked Thursdays, you could probably sell all that video to one of the cable channels.  It seems like that’s the new twist on reality TV, naked reality TV.  You could be the next big star!  Like the Kardashians!

Actually, can you think of any celebrity-reality-TV-stars that aren’t assholes?  Maybe you should keep the tapes to yourself.


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